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What should always happen when you create an online account?

Asked by flo (10479points) November 12th, 2012

Shouldn’t the email that the website sends you automaltically, include a link to verify it is you?

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AFAIK that’s the way it is done. That’s what has happened with any site I’ve ever joined.

But occasionally it isn’t sent immediately. Depends upon the website.

Also, have you checked your spam folder ?

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Not every website requires email confirmation, but most do.

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@Buttonstc thanks. When I tried to sign in, it kept acting like the password is wrong, instead of “try in a few minutes” kind of thing. When I tried a few minutes later, it was fine.

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@Buttonstc This is one of the international newspapers. I think all professional, legitimate sites should send it though, IMO to help us differentiate them from the shady/fake ones.

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Yeah, I guess it’s dependent upon site traffic and their servers. It’s not always as instantaneous as we like.

I usually find something else to do or read and look in my email in 5–10 mins.

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@Buttonstc by the way, the email was sent immediately, it just didn’t include the link that we’re are asked to click on, so the site can verify it is us.

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