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How do I fix my glasses?

Asked by kimchi (1432points) November 12th, 2012

Okay, so one of my um, I guess the side of the glasses, the ones that hold your glasses, one of them fell. I don’t have a screwdriver or anything. I don’t think I have super glue! What do I do?! And the eye doctor is far away from me.

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Can you tape them until you can get them fixed?

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A small piece of wire would be less noticeable. They make eye glass repair kits that are sold in most pharmacies. They have screwdrivers and screws.

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Try taking them to any optician as soon as possible. Every time I’ve tried this, they’ve offered to fix them for free, even if I’d never bought glasses there.

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If the screw has fallen from the lens frame-earpiece hinge, then a good interim repair would be as @Adirondackwannabe suggests: insert a wire through the hinge holes, and then bend the wire at the edges of the top and bottom hinge holes, to keep the hinge in place.

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A safety pin works well as it fastens. This will do the trick until you can get to a pharmacy and pick up the do-it-yourself repair kit that @Adirondackwannabe mentions.

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@kimchi I’m not that good on repairs. I’m just hell on my glasses.:)

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Once you get them fixed, get a couple of those kits with the assorted tiny screws and the miniature screwdriver and keep one in your purse and one at home. I’ve also seen the suggestion to coat them with clear nail polish to help keep them in.

My big problem was always that without my glasses on I couldn’t see to fix them. I’ve had to ask strangers for help at some of the worst possible times, such as while the plane was boarding or while walking down a hospital corridor. (Try finding that stupid little screw on a long, huge mottled-industrial-gray carpet—without your glasses.) Next time I had the chance, I chose a different kind of frame that wouldn’t have that problem.

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Well the only thing I would suggest, is to not use a stapler. Those hurt like heck.

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