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Jewish people: do you give gifts to your SO, siblings and parents on Chanukah?

Asked by JLeslie (63361points) November 12th, 2012

In my family generally we don’t. Gifts and money are given to children in the family. Once in a blue moon my husband or I give something to each other, but very rarely. I never get chanukah gifts for my parents, but I do buy them gifts if I see something during the year I know they would like. My parents still give me some gelt for chanukah, but my other relatives stopped once I hit around 18 years old.

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We give gifts to our daughter. My wife and I don’t bother with each other. I buy my own toys, she buys hers.

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We treat Chanukkah as a full-on gift-giving holiday in my family, and that is when my parents and sibling and I do our exchange. My SO is not Jewish and he and I do Christmas (cause it’s awesome!) as a much more intimate thing just between us, and we do our gift exchange then. I give his family gifts on Christmas, and they usually give me gifts then too – though some years it was at Chanukkah time instead because I was out of town on Christmas (great day for non-celebrants to fly).

I think we secular Jews can get the best of both worlds because we’re pretty flexible.

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No, my parents and grandparents just give us gifts. They don’t give each other gifts, either, unless they happened upon something that one of them wanted. It’s really rather unbalanced, when you think about it. We also celebrate Christmas, though, so it all evens out in the end. We mostly get small “stocking stuffer”-type gifts after the first night, anyway, so it’s no big deal if not everyone exchanges gifts.

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No – never for Chanukah. Just the kids.

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My g/f is Jewish. Her natural born mother was as well (she’s adopted) and her adoptive father is. Her adoptive mother is not. Last year there were x-mas presents all around.

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@Fly stole my answer. :P

Like she said though, we do also celebrate Christmas, so that might have something to do with it. If we didn’t celebrate both, we would probably give each other gifts and the gifts would probably be more substantial.

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Yup, we all (me, sister, and parents) all give each other Chanukah presents. When we were kids, my sister and I would each get a present every night for the 8 days. Now, as adults, we don’t do the every night thing. Also, my sister and I give each of our parents a present or 2.

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