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This month sees the first ever visit by a US president to Cambodia. Should President Obama apologise for the bombing of Cambodia 40 years ago?

Asked by flutherother (27317points) November 13th, 2012

Between 1970 and 1973 the United States dropped an astonishing 2.7 million tons of bombs on Cambodia. This was terrorism on a vast scale that destabilised the country and led, I believe, to the rise of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Is this crime too large for an apology?

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It is OK to make mention of the war and the loss of life; that is a historical fact.

But apologizing – no, not at all. That was another generation, another time, and another president. It’s not for Obama to apologize for what was the national policy at that time.

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No, he should call Nixon and Kissinger pieces of shit for having done so. But he won’t.

The Republicans loved it when Obama went on his “global apology tour” trying to improve American relations with Muslim countries. How would they view such a decision?

Why did you put this question in General? It seems to be asking for opinions…

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@elbanditoroso The US wasn’t at war with Cambodia and it wasn’t national policy to bomb. Nixon and Kissinger kept the missions secret from Congress and even from the Chief of Staff of the Air Force. The B52’s that carpet bombed the Cambodian countryside were ostensibly targeting Vietnam and not neutral Cambodia. I would disagree that it isn’t up to Obama to apologise. He represents the US government today and if the US made mistakes in the past it is up to him to acknowledge it.
@bookish1 OK I’ll see if I can get it shifted to Social.

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So much water has passed under the bridge it would be irrelevant to apologize. Whether he chooses to do so or not is another question.

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@majorrich A lot of blood has also passed under that bridge. I feel uncomfortable when history is allowed to be forgotten. It devalues humanity.

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I never mentioned forgetting about it. Just that it was long enough ago that apologizing wouldn’t be appropriate.

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