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Do I need Windows 8 Pro or will Windows 8 suffice?

Asked by Paul (2714points) November 13th, 2012

I class myself as computer literate but I can’t figure out why in the world I’d need to pay quite a bit more for ‘pro’. The only things I can see are “Windows To Go” and “Improved search”. Will I need these down the line?

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Are you going to use “Media Center” ( a separate download ) ?

If yes you need Win 8 Pro.

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At the moment if you’re going to get it you might as well get pro as MS are selling Windows 8 Pro for $40 but really all the differences are mostly aimed at business users. As @Tropical_Willie points out the only feature consumers may be interested in is the ability to add media centre which they are going to charge you for after January. You will also have to pay for DVD playing software as 8 can no longer play DVDs natively.

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