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Will he ask me out, or is he just leading me on?

Asked by Archangel16 (6points) November 13th, 2012

I’ve known this boy, not going to name any one specifically, but I’ve known this boy since Elementary school. We did loose connection between each other for years, but we met up again and started talking! I didn’t even know it was him, until he brought up my brother, whom he always hung out with when I was little.

Anyways, I’ve come to realize that I really really like him. I’ve gotten to know him, and he’s gotten to know me. He knows I like him, and he’s told me I’m the only girl he likes like that. All the times that we’ve hung out together, he’s always kissed me. Always, and it was the sweetest thing.

Not only would he kiss me, he’d put his arm around my waist, hold my hand, kiss my cheek, stuff like that. You know, the kind of things a boy can do to make a girl get those fuzzy feelings inside, that makes her day a hundred percent better. He’s always complimenting me, and of course I do the same back to him. I love spending time with him and the more I think about the days and nights we spend together, the more and more I like him. And I’ve come to think about some things. He told me before, that I do have a chance with him, and of course that made me ever so happy! I know he likes me, but I wonder, will he ask me out? Or is he just leading me on? Now I know he’s not a player, and he’s not shy, or anything like that so of course that’s not the reason, and it’s not anything like he’s not ready for a relationship. No, not that! I can’t just ask him about this either. I don’t want to risk making him upset, or having him feel like I’m pushing him along or forcing him! I’m not like that anyways! But I’d love someone’s help on this! He knows I like him alot! But is he going to ask me out, or is he leading me on..?
Thank you in advance. :)

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