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How much math is used in a Dental Assisting certification program?

Asked by emeraldisles (1949points) November 13th, 2012

Hello, I am very curious to find out how much math is used in a Dental Assisting program and how challenging it is? I can do basic math and algebra with practice, but want to know how in depth it goes. I deeply struggle with math even when I work my butt off. However, science is some what better and I have good memorization techniques for it. The program I’m looking at for community college involves an English course, psychology course, human biology, and dental courses with obviously hands on practice and seminars.

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Hi. I am also interested in the Dental Assisting program. I am enrolled in a community college right now and taking my last pre-requisite class before I can enroll into the program. I have been told that some colleges have already been filled for 2012. I can’t enroll into the program until March 2013 and even then, I have to be accepted into the program first. What that means is that I cannot take any dental classes, until I have been accepted into the program. I was told that they select about 20–23 students into the program each yr. I can send you some email links if you would like, but I’d like to do it in a private message. Do you live in the States? I live in the New England area of the states.

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< is a dentist. High school level science, math.

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