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Do you think the FBI should have unfettered access to our emails?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) November 13th, 2012

Based on someone’s complaint about “harassment,” the FBI brought down the highest spy in the land and may bring down another high-up general. For what? Canoodling outside of marriage?

Is this how the FBI should be spending its time? When could the FBI have reasonably known there was nothing more to this than an affair or two?

What should be done about the agent who decided the case was being quashed when he thought it was a big political deal, and it should come out before the election? He went over his boss’ head directly to Rep Cantor in Congress. Apparently, that’s how the lid got blown off the story. This agent thought he knew something, but it was his political views that were really motivating him. Should he be punished? Should he lose his job?

Should we reign in the FBI about investigating private affairs? Can we? Or is it too late? And if it is too late, is it maybe a good thing that all our affairs will get published in the FBI newsletter?

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