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Do you know anyone who's ever been "Hoisted by his/her own petard"?

Asked by NosyBut (161points) November 13th, 2012

It basically means “Injured by the device that you intended to use to injure others.” Could also be a plan that backfired or “blew up” in one’s face. Do you know anyone who has been a “victim” of this?

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Me. Well, 4-year-old me.

My mom had some ornamental peppers growing in our yard, and I thought it would be ever so amusing to trick Ruthy Lofton (the girl next door) into eating one. I don’t exactly recall what devious feminine machinations she employed, but I was the one who ended up with the pepper in my mouth. I mainly remember standing by the kitchen sink and drinking lots of water.

Girls, it seems, are smart. Who knew?

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Well, Newt Gingrich, Mr. Family Values, was caught cheating on his wife.

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Gus Grissom?

Hoisted by your petard actually means lifted off your feet by the force of your own fart.

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How’s this? “James W. Heselden, a British businessman… who owned the company that makes Segway electric scooters, died Sunday after plunging from a cliff in West Yorkshire, the police said, apparently while touring his property on a Segway. He was 62.”

Segway Company owner dies

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@filmfann: P├ętard also means firecracker, as well as joint. It’s a remarkably flexible word!

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@bookish1 It’s also used for a remarkably hot/handsome individual, usually a man. ^^

Also, my answer; Will E Coyote.

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