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How blue or red is your state?

Asked by Brian1946 (23397points) November 13th, 2012

Did more of your state’s voters vote for Obama or Romney? What are the political affiliations of your US Senators and your US Representative?

Is your governor a Republican, Democrat, or Independent? Are your state legislatures more Republican or Democratic?

What’s your state’s policy on same sex marriage?
BTW, major props to the voters of MD and WA (IIRC) for voting FOR marriage equality!

Since there are plenty of CA jellies, I’ll let one of them give those details. I just want to say that I’m 90% proud to be part of Big Blue, that’s Kali For Nye Ay, the Blue Whale of the USA!

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Most of my state (WA) is Red, but most of the people in the state like in the Seattle Metroplex. Since votes count more than area, that makes WA blue by default. So come on up, get gay-married, and we’ll give you some legal pot as a honeymoon gift!

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@Brian1946 NYS. We went Dem. And we have a Dem Gov. Thank god for him though. And we have same sex marriage.

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I’m proud to say that Maryland is pretty darn blue! We voted for Obama, marriage equality, and the Dream Act! Even my district, one of the only Republican districts in the State, leaned left for the first time in who knows how many years in this election. Until this election, we didn’t have a single non-Republican representative. But this time around, we (finally) voted out the senile 10-term Republican Congressman Roscoe Bartlett in exchange for John Delaney, a Democrat. I’d say it was a pretty successful election for Democrats in Maryland!
Then again, Maryland is arguably the worst gerrymandered state in the nation. But, we’ll ignore that for now, as Marylanders continually do, and bask in the glory of equality!

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Massachusetts…need i say more?

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NJ seems to be consistently democratic on the federal level, but we mix it up on the state and county level. In my adult life, it seems that we alternate between parties when selecting a governor.

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I’m from Oregon, which is obviously blue, but I currently live in Mississippi which is obviously red.

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Like most of the US – the rural counties are heavily Republican, the cities are Democratic.

Maybe we are unusual in that suburban counties voted for Obama.

Illinois, if you’re wondering

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I currently live in Mississippi

Still Navy? Glad to hear you were not in the NJ hurricane zone.

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West Virginia is the oddest state, politically. It’s solidly red in presidential elections (Romney won here), but our governors and senators are usually Democrats (as they are this time around). We have 3 representatives, 2 Republicans and 1 Democrat. Weird. That said, Democrats here aren’t really like other Democrats…they’re old school southern Democrats, mostly, which basically means they are Republicans.

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I used to live in New York, which was blue because of the city, obviously. But you wouldn’t know it from talking to anybody in my local area…upstate is very conservative.

Now I go to college in Mass which is, of course, also blue.

But my family lives in Pennsylvania now (we moved this past summer), so I made sure to vote absentee because Penn was a swing state. It was definitely Obama-leaning, but it was still way more useful than voting in Mass. And it went to Obama in the end.

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Thanks to Chicago I live in a blue state, but if you didn’t know the population of Chicago and looked at this map you would think we were red. I live in a red county downstate Illinois.

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As a Californian, we’re navy blue within 25 miles of the coast, but red inside. But the coast is where everyone lives. After the election we’re so blue that there are democratic super majorities in both houses of the legislature. And we now have more Dems than Reps in Congress.

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@jaytkay Yeah I’m still in the navy, and thanks. I wasn’t affected, but some of my friends were :( Everyone is ok though.

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My governor is red and stuff.
My state swings back and forth, but I think it finally landed on blue. It was really close though, only by like 1% or something.

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Massachusetts. So blue, we may as well be Smurfs.

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There is a preponderance of red in MO by county, but our population centers (KC and STL) are dying-of-hypoxia blue.

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I live in Ohio, so I always feel that we are more conservative than we are. In the last two elections, we voted for Obama. Although I voted for Obama, I was surprised by the results of my state’s vote. I didn’t have enough faith in the people here.

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