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What does it mean when woman buy guy things?

Asked by redlights (20points) November 13th, 2012

i am having same issue i met girl online and then we started getting better in the relatioship now we planing to meet so what is the thing bothers me is she saying she wants to pay for everything the place food and even she asked me to pick phone and she can pay it i dont want loose her and i dont either know what the answer is pls if there is serious answer i would be happy regards

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Welcome to Fluther. I look forward to answering this question after it is edited so I know what the hell you’re asking.

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Why don’t you just ask her why she wants to pay for everything? We can’t guess what she is thinking. Are you assuming that she would not tell you? That doesn’t sound like much of a relationship.

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@redlights Well, I like strong women that will tell me what’s on their mind. Sounds like this is one of those times. Go for it. It might be fun. You don’t know til you try.

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Why do you say it made you think of a sex trip? Where (what country) do you live? Where does the woman live? What does she do? What do you do?

I ask because your question cannot really be answered without understanding the context. Your culture may be different from the American culture.

Perhaps you would be traveling to a place you don’t know and you are worried that she might be a kind of honey trap? That is, that she is really a front for a criminal gang, and they are using her to lure you someplace where they can kidnap you or rob you or something like that? Is that what you are worried about?

If so, I have other questions. How long have you known her? How much do you know about her? How quickly did things get sexual online? How did you meet her? Was it through a dating site? Or some other kind of site?

I think it is wise to be careful when meeting people online. I think you need to get to know people very well before you meet them. If you feel uncomfortable and are worried about these things, then you don’t know her well enough, and you need to wait before meeting her. If she is real, she will wait as long as you need. If she is fooling you, then she will pressure you to meet her now, before you can come to your senses.

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