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What causes a bad Whopper?

Asked by augustlan (47701points) November 13th, 2012

I’m talking about the candy. I’ll be munching along, enjoying the crispety-crunchety goodness, when suddenly, it happens: I bite into a bad one. You know instantly when it happens, but it’s too late to do much about it. You just suffer with the chewy wrongness of the thing. What is going on inside that chocolate covered ick?

Bonus question: Is there a way to tell one is bad just by looking at it? Some way to save us from the suffering? ~

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Haha, funny question. I don’t like whoppers myself so can’t offer insight, but I enjoy the thought. I swear there was a really similar question to this not a super long time ago, about what causes there to be a “bad” chip, candy, etc. I enjoyed that also.

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In my travels I have found that lopsided or smaller ones are the messed up ones. They always make me angry for some reason. Like yell at the sky angry. I asked a similar question once kind of about this. It probably has something to do with how the malt is made.

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I think it might be similar to a cake falling. Someone made to much noise in the whopper factory.

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Haha, “yell at the sky angry”. Me, too! Hate getting a bad one. The last batch I ate had a freaking ton of them, too, and plenty of the bad ones looked perfectly normal. Hmph.

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I’m not sure which is worse, the random mush whoppers or the ones that somehow turned to petrified wood during shipment. On one hand the petrified wood ones just kill your teeth but on the other the mush ones are just an awful experience lol.

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I’ve never dealt with one, but probably some point in the manufacturing process some excess moisture doesn’t quite make it out and gets trapped in when they coat it.

I don’t know about the manufactuing process but you know how they make jawbreakers in a big tumbler to coat them? I imagine ther eis somehting simmilar with these things. Just a theory though.

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They look just like Maltesers, and I’ve never eaten a bad Malteser…maybe you should switch brands? ;)

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I have wondered this, too; and wanted to add that whoppers are excellent ammo in a food fight!

@scuniper: I’ve never heard of Maltesers… I wonder if/where they’re sold in the US.

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LOL….I JUST had a bad Whopper the other night. Yes, the deflated balloon Whopper that caves in on itself. Ick! It must be an air bubble.

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Switch to Milk Duds – who likes malted anyway?

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That happens because of accidental crossbreeding between Whoppers and Milk Duds at the candy factory.

Bonus answer: I never eat Whoppers that are not perfectly round and perfectly light. If they are misshapen or seem a teeny bit heavier, they are most likely one of the dreaded crossbreeds.

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It’s the same nasty phenomenon that happens to Sea foam candy’ .

Too much moisture or humidity ruining something wonderful. Those nasty bits must have been already too “wet” before the protective chocolate coating was put on.

The malt center of Whoppers is hygroscopic, meaning that it sucks in moisture from the air, leaving an unprotected initially crisp candy sticky and gooey very quickly.

If the Whopper is misshapen or too heavy or at all soft, throw it as far as you can, you don’t want to even know what is in there.

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The fact that they are Whoppers.

<—- not a malted milk ball fan . . . at. all.

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The candy is a lie.

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@janbb Milk Duds are chock-full of chewy wrongness. Haha.

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I wish I could satisfactorily answer the bonus question, but I’ve found that there’s no way to tell if it’s a deflated balloon one by handling. The rock hard ones do seem denser (so smaller for the same weight), but I’ve never found it to be worth the risk of chucking a good one just because it looked like it might betray me, Those ones might be worth the awkward bite (especially if you’re alone). The oddly-shaped ones are most often just fine.

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@augustlan We will have to agree to disagree m’dear!

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@hearkat I’m not sure- I think they originally come from switzerland, but I’m sure they could be ordered via the internet?
@janbb Who doesn’t like malted?!

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There’s a designer chocolate place here in Louisville, called the Cellar Door. I saw some of their malted milk balls and wanted to see how they stack up.

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@janbb I can’t even begin to imagine what that must be like. Life without malt.

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@jazmina88 You should call them up and ask this question!

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I just had a bad one last night (hello after-Halloween candy sale!), and then this Q popped up in my activity. :)

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