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Why was it Seal Team 6 that went after Bin Laden?

Asked by rojo (22315points) November 14th, 2012

Were Seal Teams 1through 5 “busy” that day?
Was Seal Team 7 sitting there saying to themselves “Damn! That could have been us if only they had done it on a Sunday!”
Just wondering.

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Just looked it up on wiki…. When the group was founded, they chose the name Seal Team 6 in order to confuse Soviet Intelligence as to how many Seal Teams were actually in existence (at that point only two, though the other team was made of up many platoons whereas ST6 was much smaller and pulled from the best of those platoons).

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Seal Team 6 is kind of a special case, as they no longer technically exist, instead becoming DEVGRU. However, they sometimes go by their old name. 2 and 4 are based on the East Coast, and focus on Europe and South America; accordingly, they would not be sent to that part of the world.

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Because the other crews had gone fishin.

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It was supposed to be me that took him out. Unfortunately, some schmuck from Seal Team 6 poisoned me so that he and his guys could take the glory for themselves. I’m still a little bitter…

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Because the others have not been given their promised amount of fish yet.
Assassins like to be paid in advance, you know.

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@ragingloli Most of the SEALs I’ve run into work for beer.

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According to the book No Easy Day, there is no Seal Team 1–4. Just 5 & 6.
The participants in the raid were the best members of both teams.

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@filmfann Trust me, 2 used to like pulling pranks on NNPTC security when they were around and bored ;)

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@filmfann yeah, right. If that were true it would have been Seal Team 5½!

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@filmfann @rojo My assumption is the exact number of seal teams in operation today is a classified state secret.

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@tedd Correct.

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