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What ringtone do you have for your significant other?

Asked by Tachys (1525points) November 14th, 2012

Just bought Guns and Roses “Sweet child o mine” ringtone for my girlfriend. Because her hair reminds me of a warm safe place.

What ringtone do you have and why? If you dont have the capability, what would you choose?

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That is awesome! Such drama!

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This is the ring tone that alerts me to my husband’s calls. The words say it all…

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What significant other do I have for my ringtone is more the question.

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Friday the 13th. Ting, ting, ting, ting, tiiing, chakchakaaaah….Chakchakaaahh…

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Right now it’s Everytime We Touch by Cascada. The reason is because he rocks out in his car to that song like a huge goofball and I think of him whenever I hear it.

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Hallelujah Chorus . . .

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The SO and I can’t use our cell phones to call each other (different countries), but if we did, it would be 500 Miles. Not only for sentimental reasons, but because it has a good beat for a ring tone.

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The theme song to Bobby’s World

ya know you don’t have to pay for ringtones, just go to and make an account. Its free and you can upload your own stuff to make custom ringtones if you want.

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For all calls I have a single ringtone that sounds like a traditional installed land-line Bell telephone ringing. (I truly used to think they were called Bell telephones because they rang.)

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I have the Victory tune from FF7 used for everything.

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If I had one this would be it.

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@Jeruba I don’t own a mobile phone but if I did I would do exactly the same thing.

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I have the same ringtone for everyone. It sounds like a doorbell. I do have a special ringtone for unavailable or restricted calls. My experience with these types of calls have always been unpleasant (telemarketers, creditors), so I decided a good blues tune would be perfect to listen to when I get these calls. When I hear it I immediately know what type of call it is. I ignore the call and just sit back and enjoy the blues.

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Just the one that came with the phone. Same sound for all calls. It would be too confusing to have multiple ringtones. I would never know who’s phone was ringing while I was around other people.

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Mine alternates depending on…..well nothing really, I just like to vary it.
Right now it’s this, just because I like it & stuff.

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Who Let the Dogs Out!!! I’m not sure why, hehehe, it just seems appropriate for our life together.

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For my husband, I use Johnny Cash’s Man in Black. It reminds me of him. For all others, I use a regular ‘ring’ sound.

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No One by Alicia Keys because it ‘s my all time favourite song and he’s my all time favourite person.

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She is my former SO now, and it is awesome. She’s 15 years older, and I started using it while we were together. She thought it was funny. (It starts at 3:33 with “Try…” and ends around 3:50.)

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