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Have you heard of hipster music before ?

Asked by technomaster (7points) November 14th, 2012 from iPhone

I’m just wondering because its my first time listening to that kind of music

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Hmm.. What is this hipster music you are talking about?

Is it Indie Rock? Folk? Indie Folk? Electronic? Electropop? Dream Pop? Synthpop? Psychedelic Rock? New Wave?

Nowadays there are a huge amount of up and coming artists who are divided into those music genres. And they’re all pretty good to me.

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Just hipster. I’m kinda lost about that gene because I’m new to it.

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Being hipster is more a culture than a musical genre.

There are lots of musical genres that come with that culture though.

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What is hipster music? if you mean indie/alternative and all included, is that what you mean? or could you tell us a band or something?

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