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Does anyone commission anyone to create large beautifully stylized architecture anymore?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) November 14th, 2012

Once in a while I hear about Dubai in the news and how it’s going through a sort of revolutionary architectural revamp.

Are there any places where you live where this is going on?

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Frank Gehry has designed several very unique museums and concert halls on commission throughout the world.

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They are building an addition to a city owned structure and the architecture is expansive and expensive. I personally think that the craftsmanship of the old buildings just cannot be reproduced today. The craftsmen are all dead and gone so today’s attempts are sad and futile. I would rather preserve the old and for new build energy efficient and cost effective. I actually prefer the clean, lean lines of modern architecture, inside and out. The intricacies of plaster and fretwork of days gone by is too damned hard to keep clean!

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I don’t live in New York City, but I am an American. I believe this qualifies as large, beautifully stylized architecture in my opinion.

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Aqua Tower here in Chicago comes to mind. I also love the Harold Washington Library. It’s refreshing to see attention to ornamentation make a revival.

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@FreshlyBaked I wonder if anyone knows the progress on when there will be replaced towers?

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@_Whitetigress The Wikipedia article on One World Trade Center says it’s slated to open next year. That seems quick.

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