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Have you been advised not to do something and done it anyway?

Asked by boxer3 (4150points) November 14th, 2012

It could be in regards to something serious or simple. The advising individual could be a friend,family member,peer, authoritative figure, a stranger…anyone. Are you glad you made the decision to see for yourself or did you later regret your decision?

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Please note my phone for some reason, would only allow me to post this in the general section but it’s more of a social question. Feel free to treat it as such :)

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Yes, when my son’s yard was being prepared for sodding, I was told not to step on it because the fertilized soil was not firm. I stepped on it anyway, and my foot sunk in 6 inches of ooze.

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My high school friends told me not to join the military, I would hate it. I joined anyway, loved it and hated it until I got burned out. It paid for my college and let me see a lot of the world I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

So I don’t regret the decision at all.

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Yes, as a teenager I was a trouble maker. My parents advised me differently. I was also advised not to move to Florida as an adult and I did anyway and it was a fiasco.

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@XOIIO Nope, I was the Corpsman. I was the one that had to put the pieces back together after someone else blew them to pieces.

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@WestRiverrat Oh that must have been fun.

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I was advised not to join the military right after highschool. But it turned out to be one of the best choices ive ever made.

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Also few years back, there was this one time my best bud and I dated these two ladies that were sisters . We were advised by just about eveybody that it was a bad Idea. As it turned out, it was indeed a very bad idea both of them were the crazy stalker type. But still fun at the time.

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@psyonicpanda LOL guess it runs in the family. If only they were twins XD

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@XOIIO Yea I know! but it got really bad when we desided to tag out, switch, Then break up with the both of em and they didn’t know he and I were best friends until after we broke up with them. Again, bad Idea.

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The mathlab was a bad idea.

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My mother told me that I’d regret moving out of my parents’ house, going as far as to call it “stupid and immature” even though I was 19 and newly engaged.

She couldn’t have been more wrong. My husband and I had to stay there for 3 weeks while we waited for our new home to close, and I’ll never go back.

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35 years ago Doctor told not to do snow shoveling, did it any ways for thirty years. Now live in North Carolina coast, not much snow.

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Everybody has an opinion when it comes to the surgery I chose. My primary care doctor, who I otherwise loved, was convinced I hadn’t thought it through enough somehow and I didn’t know what I was getting into. My pharmacist thought I needed to try a radical diet instead. My GIs both thought it was the right choice. In the end, I did too.

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Oh yeah,.... After being strenously advised against getting into a relationship with someone where I worked, by someone who knew that other person well, I went ahead with it anyway.
It turned out to be a bad idea both because the person was unstable/crazy and because it was very uncomfortable at work as the relationship went sour.
Should have listened.

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I have been advised to not do loads of things and most of the advice was correct. Not sure though if it in fact jinxed my own decision and I started out badly therefore it didn’t do well.

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I’ve been advised by several people to stay alone for a while, at least a couple of years rather than get into another relationship. I’ve chose not to listen because I feel like if I’m not losing my center and my identity, and if this is a really good guy who feels very right, then why should I let that go to “be alone” just for the sake of “being alone.”

Time will tell if this is a good or bad decision.

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