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NSFW Who has been to a "glory hole" ?

Asked by tedd (14048points) November 15th, 2012

This website and my job are boring today, this should liven it up a bit. Who here has been to a glory hole? Were you on the receiving or the giving end of it? Stories are welcome. What do you think about them, opinions welcome too?

I’ve always wondered if glory holes are really out there. You obviously hear about them in movies, or porn, or tv… but I’m not really the type who frequents porno theaters or what have you where they are supposedly located.

So lets hear it, what’s your take?

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I think they are disgusting, and shows what a sad hole of a place society has become you did say opinions too

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@Shippy haha, yes opinions are totally welcome. I’m just intrigued by the entire existence and idea of them. Like I said I wonder if they truly exist outside of porno and raunchy comedies on tv. I pass no judgement though on anyone who’s been to one, especially cuz I’d love to hear their opinions too if they’re on here.

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Where I live, a glory hole is something you will find in about 80% of all public toilets. There will be holes carved between one cubical and another. However, no one ever jammed their dick through one when I have used them, and vice versa.

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I’ve never been to one and to be honest in and around my town I would have no idea if any exist since I don’t exactly go hunting for them. If I was sitting doing my business and a dick was shoved through I would probably kick it with my foot as if I was trying to score a goal from the half way line in the World Cup final.

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I’m sure they probably exist, but dude, gross. As if I’d start sucking on a mystery penis that came through a hole in the wall, and if I was a man, I wouldn’t just stick my little friend in unknown holes. Glory holes are probably a damn good way of catching something nasty, too…and like, what if you owe money to a mobster, and he hides in a cubicle and you use the glory hole, thinking you’re going to get sucked off, but instead you get your dick sliced by a razor blade? That would be lame.

I’m thinking about this with a movie frame here…don’t know what they’re like in real life, but it can’t be too complicated. But I wouldn’t use one, unless like, I was dating someone and they fancied emulating the glory hole scenario. But random strangers full of crotch crickets, eeew.

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@Symbeline lol… I like the gangster scenario.

So no one has ever been to one or even knows of someone who has? A buddy of mine on here I’m almost positive has, I wonder if he’ll chime in…

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I’ve seen one but wouldn’t use it. As @Symbeline so eloquently put it; crotch crickets. Eww.

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This question made me laugh.

I’m old. I’ve been everywhere, seen everything, and tried it all at least once. Yes, I’ve been pleasured at a glory hole, and it was well worth it. No, I didn’t catch anything communicable.

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@FreshlyBaked We finally got one!

Continue on with the story, jeez!

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I’ve seen them in porn, but never in real life, though I have never looked. I find the idea can be stimulating in porn, but it is not something I would ever want to try in reality.

It seems so degrading. Like it doesn’t matter who you are. It’s just parts fitting together randomly and anonymously, as if there are no people there. I don’t understand how anyone could maintain an erection under such circumstances, unless they were in an altered state of consciousness.

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Crickey. You want more? Okay…

I walked into a men’s room to piss. I knew about glory holes and what they were for, but I hadn’t tried one up to that point.

I heard movement in the stall next to mine, and it was then I noticed the hole. Then an eye started staring at me through said hole. When my stream finished, the eye was replaced by a finger beckoning me.

Being a bit wary, I hit at the finger, but he was persistent. The finger was then replaced by a tongue, and I remember laughing.

Well, one thing led to another, I had a lot of time on my hands in those days, so I put my penis through and let the fellow do his part. It was not the best sex I’ve ever had, but it was nice.

Before anyone here jumps to conclusions, no, this was not in a place like San Francisco. It was in Texas a long time ago.

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Legend has it that the Bangkok glory hole, utilised by the sad, pathetic dregs of society, has a cleverly concealed billy goat employed as the “chief sucker”.........baaaaaaaaaad times :¬(

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This is a fun question.
I’ve never seen one (not counting on TV), but whenever I think of it, I’m more disturbed by the idea of putting your face all up on the wall of a public restroom than on some stranger’s penis. Yeeuck.

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@Shippy has become? The Ancient Romans probably would’ve made them mandatory in public institutions if they had known about it…

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@FreshlyBaked Oh man, that’s kinda freaky. Tongues and fingers coming out of holes anshit. They should make a horror movie about glory holes.

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My first question was why do we not see them between male and female restrooms but then I got to wondering, does it really matter who sucks what?

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I have a little bit of an obsession with Craigslist casual encounters….my boyfriend and I spend a good amount of time looking at it most times we hang out. Okay that sounds weird but it’s actually really hilarious and entertaining….anyhow, glory holes are very real and quite common. If there is anything I’ve learned from CL Casual encounters it’s that men who like men, tend to know what they want, when they want it, how they want it. For this reason, glory holes do not seem absurd. If you’re curious what I mean, browse that section of Craigslist. It is enlightening. Anyhow, my opinion is that I’d never suck a dick through one. The idea to me seems gnarly at first thought, but the more I think about it, if you know “I want my dick sucked, I don’t care who sucks it” then yeah, a glory hole is for you! The majority of men I read about on Craigslist are either in relationships, straight, or curious, and just want to know what it’s like to have a dude blow them. They don’t necessarily (some of the time) even want to know who the person is. So I think these are the same people who might utilize a glory hole and not feel bad about it at all. Good for them.

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@deni I looked online last night when I got home, and man you were right about dudes on craigslist. I skimmed through like 2 pages to see if there were any women at all… not a single one… lol.

I definitely wouldn’t do it with a dude, and to do it with a girl I would probably need to feel pretty secure about who she was, that she wasn’t dirty or infected with STD’s, etc, etc… Probably really could only do it as some kind of fantasy thing with a g/f or something.

An X and I used to peruse the casual encounters on craigslist too. It is very hilarious. One time we posted a photo of her and said she was looking for sex or something. The e-mail we used had like 200 messages in 15 minutes, half of them with dudes wangs photographed in. It was frightening, and hilarious.

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@tedd Yep! It’s nuts! If you are bored again soon, check out Los Angeles casual encounters. That section has some insane stuff in it. Literally more transexuals than men. I love it!!

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Six months ago I brought a friend who visited and we went to New York and dropped by a porn store showing xrated videos in booths. Been in one before but this was the first time I saw one with a glory hole. I thought, wow, glory hole! Then I spotted a guy’s legs through the hole and I thought, yikes! No thanks. Lol.

Now a glory hole party for swingers, that’s an idea…

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The fact that mouse traps have been in existence for generations makes me wonder how G H’s have survived.

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