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I cut my car off in park and can't start it?

Asked by dtarra25 (1points) November 16th, 2012 from iPhone
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Welcome to Fluther. Please add details! We’re not mind readers, no matter what some of us think.

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We need more info. Usually people turn off their car in park, so I am not sure why that is significant? Make sure your car is still in park or neutral. The car will not start in drive or reverse. If when you turn the key it simply has no charge your battery might be dead. Turn off all your lights if your lights are on and try again.

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This morning I was leaving out for work and I started it fine but when I pulled off I pulled over to the side to get my charger from the back and my car wouldn’t go in park…so put the gear in park and cut the car off but at the same time the car wouldn’t stop in the park gear….

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Ahh, perhaps not.

That is odd though, it sounds like maybe it wasn’t shut all the way off. In a lot of cars there is a small little area with the key turned forward or back, that keeps all the electronics on like radio and fans/heaters, etc. A quick google suggests that some vehicles wotn turn off if the key is in that position, but I am by no means an expert. I imagine the make/model of your car will be helpfull to other people reading this.

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@XOIIO That made sense to you? I’m totally lost.

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I have and 05 dodge neon. My lights and everything else comes on it’s just won’t start.. I think it’s because it not in park and I just cut it off, so it need to be in park gear in order for me to start it…

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@JLeslie Kindof, I’m good at taking random stuff and making it into something coherent, and from the latest reply I’m guessing I am partially right at least lol.

@dtarra25 hmmm foudn some simmilar results, let me google and get back to you.

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Here’s one thing i fond in a forum

Check your neutral safety switch as well. Shift the car into neutral (WHILE HOLDING THE BREAK) and try to start it. If it doesn’t work, then it could be the starter as Trevor said.

Try that out, not sure what the neutral safety switch is though. I don’t think it’s something actually a switch though, I’d have to guess its just a procedure to ensure the car cdoesn’t start in neutral so that it doesn’t just forward or anything, again just a theory.

Edit* also looked through the rest of this, nothing else, if this doesn’t work then seems it would be the starter or the ignition switch,

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I tired that…didn’t work

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