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What lines of work can you name that combine a law degree with specialized knowledge?

Asked by Jeruba (51709points) November 16th, 2012

What kind of job (besides work in a law office) might a person seek who
• has a J.D. and is a member of the bar
• has interned and worked in several legal settings
• is a gifted amateur photographer
• is skilled in PhotoShop
• has studied graphic design and typography
• is computer-savvy and experienced in website creation and maintenance

The purpose of the question is to discover what kinds of jobs such a person could apply for besides straight legal positions with law firms, corporations, or government. Branching out a little and using additional skills seems practical in this difficult job market.

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Does it have to be law-related? If no, then I would definitely suggest Graphic Designer, there are plenty of companies looking for graphic designers at the moment.

Other than that, and combining graphic design with law, I can only think of being a copywriter… That would help freelance graphic designers retain the rights to their work.

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Someone who works advising TV companies and magazines on the legality of images they want to publish or broadcast?

Giving legal advice over the internet.

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@bhec10, did you mean copyright lawyer (copyright = the right to copy, or reproduce, work), meaning protecting the rights of artists from theft and plagiarism and unlawful sale?—as opposed to copywriter (one who writes copy—i.e., someone who writes the words of news articles, advertising content, and other text to order).

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@Jeruba Yes, sorry, my mistake. I got confused with the names.

I meant copyright as in intellectual property law and copyright infringement, for instance.

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I may be a bit prejudiced but… a reference librarian in a law library. I met the librarian and dean of a law school here in town and both had their J.D.‘s and were members of the bar. Being computer savvy is helpful for a librarian as well.

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Marketing and public relations, geared toward law firms.
Maybe a community organizer, like Obama? Non-profits especially appreciate employees who can wear many hats.
Legal IT professional. Many of the computer whizzes in law firms have a JD, but are not practicing attorneys.

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You might consider the Land Department in a petroleum company or a pipeline company. Besides dealing with leases, right-of-way,etc. they also manage data, gemerate maps and use computer technology to a large extent in these areas.

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How about a management consultant? Lots of lawyers there, computer-savviness much appreciated

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