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Where is the Search Mail tab in Gmail?

Asked by flo (10593points) November 16th, 2012

Whether they call it something else now, or not, where is it?

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It’s at the top of your Gmail page, it looks just like the Google Search. If you click on the small triangle it will show you many other search options.

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@bhec10 thanks. I see it is the same search box as the web search. First I clicked on “More” I went to search the answer before I posted the Q. Look at how much asked and answered about it.!/2008/05/how-to-find-any-email-with-gmail-search.html

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@flo You can also search the web using the same box. Hit “shift-enter”

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If you enter a search term in that input box while parked in your Inbox, it defaults to a search of all mailboxes including trash and spam. So lots of searches don’t require setting any special search parameters.

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@ETpro Thanks. I just had no problem the way Yahoo and a lot of them have it one box for web one for mail.

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@flo Gmail does to. It’s one search input, but you can select a particular mail folder, all (as noted above) or the Web. I find it quite intuitive now that I’ve gotten intuit.

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@ETpro But why not have the tabs “Web”, “Mail” in that box right there instead of the triangle?

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@flo Great suggestion. Sign up for the gmail forum and suggest it. The gods of Gmail do read the patter there.

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