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For those of you who don't believe in war how do you perceive Veterans Day?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) November 16th, 2012

I’ve always told myself I don’t believe in war. But that doesn’t mean another group or country believes in the same, thus my reasoning to believe in a military presence.

So how about you? Do you not believe in war and therefore don’t appreciate veterans? Or is it one way or the other?

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I don’t believe in war. That said, thank you thank you thank you to our Veterans.

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I don’t believe in war but the reality is war happens and the men and women who protect our country are heros. My dad was a WWII vet and I appreciate all that have served and given their lives to make my country safe to live in.

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What does “believe in war “mean?

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What he ^^ said.

What does it mean to “not believe in war”? You’ve never seen one, so they don’t exist? They exist, but there’s no reason for us to have ever been involved? They exist, and there might be valid reasons for the nation to participate, but it’s no business of yours?

What exactly does it mean?

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@woodcutter No sane person starts a war. But at the same time, we have to be willing to stop someone from starting a war with us. That’s not believing in war.

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^What he said.

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I believe in war. There is plenty of historical evidence of its existence. I know I’m reiterating the above
As long as we’ve had thumbs and materials, we’ve made things in our environment. Then we have to protect those things from others who want our things.
Then, when we all had things, we made ideals. We have to protect those ideals from others who want to corrupt our ideals.

I don’t have to love all of our things and ideals to respect the people willing to put their lives on the line to defend what my community has deemed vital.

I live here. I don’t always agree with what my government decides is worth killing our children for, but I don’t blame the soldiers. I respect them. I thank them every chance I get for giving their youth to serve what they believe.

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Like a holiday in honour of Hitler. It disgusts me.

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As others have indicated, the phrase “don’t believe in war” is confusing. People might believe in a deity or don’t believe in a deity, or they may believe that there’s life on other planets or not, but there is no denying that war happens.

I dislike war and violence, I disagree with the rationale behind wars; but there are times when battle has been necessary as a defense against war-mongers, such as Hitler.

As such, I am grateful for the service of those who have been willing to put themselves on the line to defend, protect, and/or liberate people. I am sad for those who have been injured or lost their lives, and am appreciative of their sacrifice.

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“I’ve always told myself I don’t believe in war.”

Allow me to clarify. I guess what I meant to say was I’ve always told myself I don’t believe in partaking in war.

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Sometimes the “utility of force” is all that will motivate others to stop…whatever it is they are doing. It is a truly ugly job that someone has to do. We have a holiday recognizing those people who volunteer to do it. It’s about the servicemen not so much the wars themselves.

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Would Hitler have participated in movember I wonder?

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