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Soooooooooooo... What is something wierd/odd that you've done that doesn't fit the norm for you?

Asked by XOIIO (18054points) November 16th, 2012

Eh, I’m just bored, so I figured I’d ask a question, see what repsones I get.

I’m wondering, at any point in your life, what is something wierd that you did, something that doesn’t really fit your character, or that you’ve only done one time. Just curious.

My wierd thing: When I was… oh 14 or so, I wrote a sex story lol, even put it up on a website for that sorta thing.

Hmmm, I’m gonna check if it’s still there and see what responses it got.

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I’ve eaten my own poop when I was little. I was curious to see how it tasted like…. Still do.

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@ki Probably tastes like shit.

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Skipping any salacious stories and going to the heart of the Q, doing something really out of character….
I recently bought a big-ticket furniture purchase and to seal the deal, I was promised next-day delivery if I called the next morning for a time.
When I called, the guy said it wasn’t possible. That’s not how they set their schedules, they need 3 day notice and his guys were in another city today.
I got pissy. Out of character. Got demanding. Acted like just the sort of entitled bitch I always despise dealing with. “I was told it could happen, I’m paying you, make it happen!”

Sheesh. I have not become one of those people who used to wreck my days.

(I called back, apologized for my behavior and he found a way to deliver the following day)

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Without going into the underlying causes, I once stripped down to my underwear in a police station interview room. If I ever get together for that glass of wine with certain friends here, I promise to tell the whole story.

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Yes, but the story is quite hurtful and private. I tried to be something I am not, and it shattered my life for several years. I still feel a lot of guilt over it.

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