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Are there any overnight remedies I can use to unclog my ear?

Asked by kimchi (1432points) November 16th, 2012

My ear is filled with wax. You may have noticed it in my recent question before. My ears are clogged fully! I can’t hear anything with my right ear! What do I do? I don’t have any peroxide or acid or anything like that. I can’t drive. So, what do I do to unclog my ear? It’s been bothering me for about 2 days and I can’t do anything! I don’t want to put something random in my ear. Please, please help. Or will all the earwax come out slowly someday?

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I’ve done this when I used to suffer from this post ear infections as a child.

hydrogine peroxide method

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@_Whitetigress, I just said in the description box above that I don’t have any materials like that.

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The stuff you buy to dissolve ear wax is always oily, I would warm some olive oil or whatever oil you have and put it in. Let it sit for a while and then take a syringe or eyedropper and flush with warm water, repeat that a couple of times and the longer you leave the oil in the more it will dissolve the wax.

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Do you live in a really remote area, or do you just not drive?
If the latter, call an independent grocer or even a CVS pharmacy and ask for what you need. Around here, they offer free delivery for people who can’t get to the store.

If it’s a really small community, I’m sure any local pharmacy will bring you supplies.

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You may need to see your doctor. Are you sure it is wax?

” If your eardrum doesn’t contain a tube or have a hole in it, these self-care measures may help you remove excess earwax that’s blocking your ear canal:

Soften the wax. Use an eyedropper to apply a few drops of baby oil, mineral oil, glycerin or hydrogen peroxide in your ear canal twice a day for no more than four to five days.
Use warm water. After a day or two, when the wax is softened, use a rubber-bulb syringe to gently squirt warm (body temperature) water into your ear canal. Tilt your head and pull your outer ear up and back to straighten your ear canal. When finished irrigating, tip your head to the side to let the water drain out.
Dry your ear canal. When finished, gently dry your outer ear with a towel or a hand-held hair dryer.

You may need to repeat this wax-softening and irrigation procedure several times before the excess earwax falls out. However, the softening agents may only loosen the outer layer of the wax and cause it to lodge deeper in the ear canal or against the eardrum. If your symptoms don’t improve after a few treatments, see your doctor.”

CNN Health

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You did not respond to the questions or comments in your original question
Therefore, my response is the same.

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You asked this question 3 days ago and said your mom was at work then so you couldn’t get anything from the store. Why haven’t you told your mom to pick something up for you by now or ask her to take you to the doctor?

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Here is what our resident audiologist took the time and care to write to you three days ago. Why aren’t you acting rather than simply repeating the question?

From @Hearkat:

“Yes, I am an Audiologist, and yes, I would recommend that you do not put anything in your ear unless you have been instructed to do so by a physician. Attempting to get wax out of the ear often results in only packing it in deeper. It is not uncommon for people to have a sensation of their ear being plugged, when there is nothing in the ear canal at all – as mentioned in my reply on the linked post above (and there are many other posts about clogged ears on Fluther).

First of all, do you have a prior history of having ear wax buildup?

How about a history of allergies or ear infections? Allergies cause ear itching and fullness.
Is it possible that you are coming down with a head cold or sinus infection?

Do you have any other symptoms, such as pain, ear popping, dizziness, or tinnitus (sounds inside the ear(s) or head)?

Even if there is wax in the ear canal, and you go poking around in your ear canal and manage not to hurt yourself and are able to get an opening so you feel less full and hear better, there is still very likely to be residual wax in the ear and it will only be a matter of time before it clogs up again. Sound only needs a pinhole to get through. I have some patients that find that the ear is clogged when they get out of the shower, because the wax expands from the heat and humidity, but then as it dries out again, the air and sound can get through.
The only way to know what is wrong is for a professional to examine your ears Since it seems that the sensation is intermittent, it may well be wax or some other physical block of sound. If you are not in pain or having fever or other symptoms, it is not an emergency – just an uncomfortable inconvenience. Call your family doctor/pediatrician in the morning, and schedule an appointment.?

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