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What are some birthday ideas for introverted picky people?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) November 17th, 2012

My friend’s birthday is tomorrow Procrastination is my life style. He will be 35 he is single and he never tells when his birthday is. He will be working. I have no idea what to get for him or what to do.

He is a very valuable friend.

The only thing I know he wants is a 70 inch hd tv, but i am not buying him one and i am not sure where he will get it yet.
He likes bn gft cards or itunes but i have done that for too many years. Any ideas?

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Something consumable. Bake him some cookies or cupcakes. Get him a large package of Twizzlers licorice sticks or M&Ms, or pick out some really nice cheese and a baguette. Get him a gift card for the nearest major movie chain, maybe the one that’s going to be showing The Hobbit.

Or meet him at work, take him to lunch, and give him a cute card with a note that tells him what his friendship means to you.

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If he wants a large TV, I’m guessing he’s a fan of entertainment?
I’ve greatly appreciated the Netflix subscription gifts I’ve recieved.

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I really like I listen to books while I run or drive or do boring work. Maybe a 6 month gift subscription or pick out a couple of books for him. He can listen on his computer, an ipod or any mp3 player or smart phone.

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Personally, as an introvert, I like quiet birthdays, celebrating with a few good friends having good food and conversation. 35 little presents would have made my day, even if it was only 35 fun sized m&m packs. Try a pencil that you’ve written a favorite saying on with sharpie fine point marker, or a nostalgic toy from the dollar store (used to be called dime stores, but…), or a nice piece of artwork that fits his style, even if it’s only on a jump drive that he can plug into his future TV.

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I’m a 35 year old nerd. I can pretty much buy what I need for myself.. Devi (PnL) bought me a little remote control helicopter for my b-day a few months ago. It was only 20 bucks but it is so much fun and the cats hate it.

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You don’t make it clear if he is definitely getting the HDTV, or if you’re on a limited budget… if he will be getting the new TV set, a Blu-Ray player would go nicely with the TV. Or maybe a Blu-Ray box-set of his favorites – there are probably some being released in time for Black Friday.

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My SO is like that, not so much picky, but he likes very specific things and gets them for himself. Also, he hates to be the center of attention and the idea of a birthday party is abhorrent to him. He does like cake and pie and cookies, though and I’m pleased to make them for him.

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I have no idea how much you want to spend, so I don’t know how to limit my suggestions.
Get him a tablet, a kindle, or a giftcard for books for the kindle or tablet.

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@rosehips Make him a nice dinner you two can share. Just lay down the rules first. Guys sometimes get carried away.

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Get him the first season DVD (or several seasons, depending
upon your budget)
of one of the best shows ever on TV :


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Thank you all sorry for the late response. I enjoyed reading everyone’s answers.

I went with buying him his favorite 35 odwalla juices. With huxley vonnegut and beatle quotes tied around them. Took him shopping at old navy and value village. He loves getting steals. And took him out to eat. We hit barnes and noble later for the usual perusal and discussion.
I enjoyed it and he didn’t seem to be irritated about it. Lol.

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