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How old are you?

Asked by exek1 (160points) June 6th, 2008 from iPhone

I just want to know the ages of the users of fluther.

I’m 19.

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This is a bit of a creepy question.

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189 in dog years

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how is this creepy?...

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37. Don’t feel a day over 57.

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I’m one of the youngest users here.

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By the way wizard, you said you were 19 in another question. Should we average them for an age of 54?

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I think he’s really 14

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22, and i’ve got the facial hair to prove it

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20…. 21 September 17!!!!!

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she’s 33 everybody, wildflower is getting old !

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You’re not doing your maths properly, are you?
and I’m SO not speaking to you now since you called me old :P

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19 years old.

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17 years of age.

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i’m sorry lass, but hey, at least you’re younger in my miscalculation, right?

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OMG – there is no end to your insults!!!
try this: if you have 12 b-days, starting with your 21st, how old would you be?

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21 + 12 = 33 or am i missing the point? you know im a bit of a dim kid….

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“a bit”?? 21+11 (since 21 is the first of the 12!!)

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sorry i called you 33 haha, man, i feel pretty dumb now…should i?

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nah!, you’re grand! :)

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thank heavens, you know, that’s the stupid thing about iwamoto, has in IQ of 120, does pretty complicated work, yet can’t figure out these kind of simple things…oh well

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22 .. I enjoy this age, I wouldn’t mind staying, even though my birthday is in 8 days.

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Just turned 24. Not liking it already.

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27 phhysically. 89 mentally.

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I’m 29, but in fairness I do contest that there was a few years there that I wasn’t happy with so I don’t think they should count so eh lets go with 21. My birthday is in November, don’t forget my present now.
I know you’ll all want to start saving up for it now

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Gotta love how you hold on tight to every sigle number there. Well done girl.

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Thanks! There’s just no need to make me old before my time – I’ll get there! For now – like you – I’ll stick with “21” ;)

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13 but so close to 14

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6teen. =D

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Fifty-eight. <sigh>

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I love how diverse fluther is! All different ages, which makes it exciting! :)

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my birthday was yesterday so i can say im 17 now =D

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