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What is something you dream of achieving?

Asked by Luiveton (4157points) November 17th, 2012

What is something you would really like/have liked to achieve..Is it realistic, depending on who you are as an individual, for instance?
It can be anything…Is it something big? Have you achieved it? Did you give up?

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MIlo here; I am well on my way to teaching Gail how to mouse so I don’t have to.

Today, with some re-inforcment (a few flakes of organic tuna) she caught another one in the Havahart. She is about to go out in the very cold day and drive the mouse five miles away to a family who has been very unkind to her in the past.

I get to snooze in the sun and prepare for my my mid-day meal and then post-prandial nap.

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A master’s degree for sure, and hopefully a PhD. Learning to be a great mouser like @Milo would be exceptional as well.

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Reach my 100 th birthday (at least).

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Some people want to see an eclipse.
I want to cause one.

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Getting a chance to be aboard Alvin
Discovering an animal that no human has seen before.
Going into space
See a total solar eclipse
Live completely off the grid in a sustainable manner
Change the world

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A satisfying love relationship and occasional great joy.

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i hear they’re boss

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Earning the right to be called Dr. Bookish! I’ll get back to you in a couple of years.

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Peace of mind.

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4½ years ago I had a slip-fall accident on ice and severely injured my right hamstring muscles. A sports medicine doctor (also a orthopedic surgeon) told me that I will never get the strength back in the injured muscles. Since day one I’ve been determined to prove them wrong with my daily workouts that go far beyond the easy workouts that the physical therapy techs gave me. I’ve made great progress but can’t quite get both left and right hamstring at a balanced strength. As of now my injured hamstring muscles are about 5% weaker than my uninjured hamstring muscles. I have be careful not to exercise too aggressively due to secondary injuries. Just this slight off balance can become a big problem when I try to force the issue.

I’ve tried to find a personal trainer to help me with my quest but so far no one is up for the challenge. Meanwhile my dream is still alive. I will never give up. I believe, believe, believe that I will reach my goal. However, I will work at this for the rest of my life no matter how much success I achieve.

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I am only just starting! I am going to be a healer, study massage, including Tantric and a few others. I cannot wait. My future has never looked so rosy or beautiful. It is never too late to start a new life :)

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I want to go to an AC/DC concert for my 70th birthday. I’d shoot for the Stones but I don’t think that’s an option.

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@Adirondackwannabe it’s official, you’re my hero.

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@SuperMouse Go with me? I’m listening to Live at River Plate right now.

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I’d invite Daisygurl but I think she’s fallen asleep with her head on the keyboard.

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I used to have crazy big dreams but I dunno anymore. I’ve compromised a lot. It’s kind of sad. I guess now I just want to be happy and have a net positive impact of some kind on the world. The me of a few years ago would positive scoff at the lack of ambition in that statement.

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I wanna kick some ass when Ragnarok takes place.

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I wanna kiss some Valkyrie ass when Ragnarok arrives.

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Maturity…nah, fuck it!!
@AshLeigh Morbidly obese fuckers cause a partial eclipse simply by sitting on the porch for a spell.

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@Luiveton Sure, more the merrier.

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* Plays Back in Black orgasmic intro. *

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This will date me. My brother and I stayed up late to watch AC/DC’s debute on Don Kirchner’s Rock Concert. That’s how long I’ve been following them.

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Inner peace, as cheesy as that sounds. I think it is achievable but it is something I am struggling to gain at the moment.

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^^^ Rx: Rush to Cornwall, walk a lot, eat weird soups in the local cafes (and call me in the morning):

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@gailcalled A few more weekends like the one I have just had are definitely the way forward. I will have to creat a list of places (in the UK for easy access) guaranteed to bring me serenity so that I always have an escape plan. Cornwall, the west highlands of Scotland, the Yorkshire Dales…..

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Also, growing a beard will be undreamt-of-sweetness. Maybe by the time I defend my dissertation…

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