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Whose autobiography that hasn't been written yet do you want to read?

Asked by RareDenver (13141points) November 17th, 2012

For me it would have to be Alfredo Joaquin Fiorito

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I would be most interested in the autobiography of the man I saw in Chicago years ago who was burning newspaper on the street to stay warm. I never met a man so grateful for $3. I should very much like to read about him.

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WillWorkForChocolate’s. :D

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i’m dying to know how it ends

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I don’t know about autobiographies, but there is a long list of epitaphs I can’t wait to peruse.

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No. Not really. I hate reading anything I’ve written, But there are a few people on fluther whose autobiographies I would read, including all of the people on this thread. I would love to hear how you all came to be who you are.

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My landlord, who was a personal friend long before becoming the guy I gave rent money to every month. He’s in his early 70s, and has had such diverse professions as police man, computer/TV repairman, ambulance driver/EMT, university instructor, and more. He’s a published author, patent holder. I could go on. Hell of a guy.

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@FutureMemory True polymaths are rare these days. I might even read that autobiography. The one I’m waiting for is Barack Obama after he finishes his active days in politics. Same goes for Hillary Clinton.

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@wundayatta, Working on it. ;P

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@AshLeigh LOL! You can’t be serious!

Hmm, I’d love to read the autobiographies of Sir Ian McKellan and Johnny Depp. Does anyone know if they exist yet?

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I am serious!

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Also, that tiny Walmart greeter seems interesting…

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The Story of a Chocolate Addict
Chapter One
I was born an angry white addict…

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