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Are there any Hostess products you will miss?

Asked by filmfann (44521points) November 17th, 2012

Hostess Bakeries has gone bankrupt.
They have many different products, from Ho-Ho’s to Ding Dongs to Twinkies to Cupcakes.
Unless they pull a Mother’s Cookies maneuver and sell the recipes to another bakery, all these will be gone.
Which one will you miss?

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When I was young, I loved the Sno-Balls. Today, the only product I buy of theirs is Wonder Bread, though I occasionally get a Cherry Pie. It is the Cherry Pie I will miss. Eating one while drinking a Dr. Pepper is a cheap thrill.

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I haven’t had one in years, but I think I will miss the Ding Dongs. Just walking by them in the store makes me smile.

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I think they have a bread that I used to buy when I lived in the US, but honestly, I don’t even consider those products food or fit for human consumption any more.

And people… PLEASE, please remember that these companies change hands ALL the TIME! You still have Kraft products, right? And Nabisco? Those brands have been sold and traded 4 or 5 times in the last 20 years. It isn’t just ‘selling a recipe’. That is the least of it. They will be selling the BRAND. Stop listening to the crap on TV. A poorly managed company with headquarters in Texas has decided to use the loss of the Presidential election to the Democrats as a ‘I told you so’ by saying they are now going to take the nations Twinkies and Ho Ho’s away. Well, boo-bloody.hoo! The successful brands will be bought, most probably, by big Tobacco (They love trading in unhealthy vices. It is what they are good at and they own a big sugary, cake-slice of Nabisco, after all.) So, you will still get your crap food because you all love it so much.

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Nature’s Pride Bread “Every slice of Nature’s Pride Bread is 100% natural. You’ll never find artificial colors or flavors in Nature’s Pride Bread” is no more.

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@YARNLADY Yes, that I can believe. That brand will probably not be bought up by Tobacco.

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I will miss Ho Hos although I rarley ate them. They ised to be a treat on road trips.

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I won’t miss any of their products. I prefer good crusty bread toasted with butter and jam.

I learned from a Canadian friend that the products will still be made in Canada proving a company can thrive in a country with universal health care and other social benefits.

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I never really like Hostess and stuff.
I guess the only ones I ate were Cupcakes, but that was only when I was desperately hungry at school and they were like the only thing in the vending machine. But they were all like too sweet for my taste. You know how something is so sweet it makes you sick and stuff?

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Yes, Wonder Smart White. My family can be picky when it comes to bread. I don’t want them eating white bread that isn’t good for them. This particular white bread is one of the healthier breads available for purchase and the price fits our budget. I buy it weekly. (The serving size of two slices contains only 100 calories. Besides being low in calories, it also contains 1 g of fat, 200 mg of sodium, 23 g of carbs, 4 g of sugar and 5 g of both fiber and protein. It also provides 30 percent of your daily recommended value of calcium and 8 percent of riboflavin. That’s not all; it has 10 percent of vitamin D, thiamine, niacin, folic acid, zinc, iron, vitamin E, vitamin B6 and B12.)

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No. Nada.

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No, their products are pure garbage. Haven’t had a twinkie or ding dong in at least 25 years.

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No. None. The chocolate cupcake with the squiggle and the filling was part of my lower school experience, along with Instant pudding and jello. It’s been decades, happily.

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Fruit pies, mostly because they take me back to high school. I loved me some Hostess fruit pies in high school, I would scrounge up all the change I could to get one at lunch. I still eat them occasionally and I admit to enjoying them.

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Not one. It’s not food. It’s a chemically produced agglomeration of stuff meant to fool the senses into believing it’s food. Gross.

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Francisco extra sour sourdough bread is one of their products which I enjoyed. Looked for it today and it wasn’t on the shelf. Then I remembered.

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I haven’t had any of those, I guess I’ve been missing out. Here in Europe they don’t sell any Twinkies or Ho-Ho’s.

And what the hell is a Ding Dong?

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Imagine, @bhec10 we have been getting along for decades without those products!

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Not a one. I used to like Hostess Cupcakes when I was young, but I haven’t had one in decades.

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The Hostess “used food store” (Day old bread) would sell expired bread as animal food for 6 loaves for $1.00. The price just went up to $1.25. That is 10 pounds of bread! I used it to feed the animals if I did not have a squirrel for them. I pour some bacon fat on about 6 slices and put it out back near the tree line. By morning it is always gone.

They also sell it to farmers at $50 per truckload. It is used as pig feed.

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@bhec10 A ding dong is a combination of a cookie, fudge, and a brownie. More sugar than a small nation needs.

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I haven’t eaten one in decades because they are not healthy food, but the cupcakes are the best that I’ve ever eaten.

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Nope. I haven’t eaten junk like that in a year, and even when I did I definitely preferred Little Debbie.

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It’s my fault they are going bankrupt. I gave up junk food in 2003.

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Guess I’m going to go to my grave without ever having eaten a Twinkie. Too late now.

I did my share of damage to the cupcake supply when I was a little kid, though (like ten or younger). I used to scrape off the frosting and just eat the cake until I got to the creamy stuff in the middle. Then I’d throw it away.

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I will miss the idea of Twinkies. I loved them when I was a kid, but not as an adult. It’s a nostalgia thing, I guess. But what I really will miss is the apple pies. Seriously, they are one of my favorite indulgences. :’(

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I probably have eaten 2 Twinkies maximum in my lifetime. When I was little I would eat the fruit pies sometimes. Now I think all of that stuff is totally gross.

Maybe once a year I buy Drakes coffee cakes, which I heard recently will be gone as well. Today I bought a box of the mini coffee cakes at Walmart. The Hostess section was totally empty, except for a few boxes of Drakes coffee cakes, and one box of Hostess fruit pies. I took a picture of it and was going to post it to Facebook. I see on Facebook all these joke photos of Twinkies in coffins, being carried out by pallbearers and stuff like that.

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I just wonder how much the bakers’ union members were holding out for. Whatever it was, it is a shame that now nearly 19,000 people are out of jobs. It is so frustrating. It seems like history doesn’t teach some people any lessons.

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Their Apple Pies – although, truthfully, I probably haven’t had one in twenty years, so it’s just nostalgia.

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I just saw in the paper where people are buying up all the twinkies they can and selling them on Craigslist for hundreds of dollars. Crazy!

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Ho Ho’s.

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@chyna A friend of mine on fb posted that he witnessed a few people fighting over the last Twinkies at his local Kroger. Crazy indeed!

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I saw Blue Man group last night and they did a skit with Twinkies. I wasn’t sure if they always had, or if it was just because of what is going on. Another theatre goer said they have been using Twinkies for Years.

Then last night I was watching 20/20 or 60 Minutes one of those, and they mentioned Twinkies on that show too.

It’s the invasion of the Twinkie now, I see them everywhere.

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Other than the occasional Ho Ho, I didn’t really buy them much. But if those seasonal Little Debbies cakes cease to exist… :(

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@JLeslie they did that skit when I saw them last winter.

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I will miss Twinkies….I guess I haven’t been watching the news because I just found out about this when I read your question!

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I’ve always HATED Twinkies. Yuck.

Who makes Suzy-Qs? Is that Hostess? Also, I do have fond memories of Drake’s brand Yodels, but Little Debbie’s Swiss Rolls are just as good, and half the price.

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Add me to the hate twinkies list, and include all thirteen of their snack foods. I could hardly believe the same company also made Nature’s Pride bread.

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- It’s not over yet.

The bankruptcy judge has ordered them to enter arbitration .

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It ain’t over till it’s over.

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