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Why does percentage error decrease as units of measurement increase?

Asked by Sapphire_Frenzy (90points) November 18th, 2012

I have calculated the percentage error for the measurements made in a Hooke’s Law experiment, and the results are as follows:

Extension (mm) | Percentage error (%)

22 | 2.27
44 | 1.14
66 | 0.75
88 | 0.57
109 | 0.46
131 | 0.38

A question I have to answer is ‘What do you notice about the percentage error as the measurement increases?’

Evidently, the percentage error decreases, but I don’t completely understand why this happens (I can’t put it into words anyway)

My question is why does this decrease in percentage error happen as the measurements increases?

(Note: This is NOT a question I have to answer on my work, it’s just something I’m intrigued about)

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