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Tardis cake?

Asked by newtscamander (2843points) November 18th, 2012

I want to bake a Tardis cake similar to this one:
for my boyfriend’s birthday (only half the size and without the interior though, sadly I’m not skilled enough to create such a masterpiece!).
I was just jotting down the ingredients needed and noticed that Leigh Henderson uses buttercream between the layers and to cover the cake before applying fondant and gum paste- but my boyfriend doesn’t like buttercream.
Can you think of an alternative that would work just as well?
I will try to present some buttercream in different flavours to him as I think he’s only had vanilla buttercream, but if he still doesn’t like it, what do I do?!

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Does he like nutella or chocolate spread of some sort? That is nice as a filling between layers.

The cake pictured is amazing!

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I know! All her cakes are pretty fantastic, but this one really through me away!

Yes, he does, that is a great idea! Thank you!

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Raspberry jam is also a nice filling.

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@janbb Do you think jam would be able to hold the fondant and gum paste plates up?

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Good question – that is a very elaborate cake. Maybe almond paste between the layers?

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And almond paste sounds nice- would taste good with a chocolate cake, thanks ;)

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@XOIIO Right? It’s awesome! I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it.

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You could also do a cream cheese icing if you want a lighter flavor.

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Sweetened whipped cream.

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How about thyme-travel frosting? ;-p

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“You should always bring a banana to a party. Bananas are good.”
Therefore, I suggest banana spread. (Make sure you read the whole thing; the recipe at the top says one banana, but lower down it says to use two or three if you’re using it for a cake filling.)

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He prefers fondant to buttercream?!? Sacrilege!

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@syz YES! And also blasphemy! I could eat buttercream all day!
@PeppermintBiscuit I might consider that, but the Tardis will be set on a basic rectangular cake, and that will be banana-flavoured, so that might be going to far, I mean, the Doctor never says anything about a bunch of bananas ;)
@Brian1946 I will need some thyme to think about it…

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