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Is the Social Section open today?

Asked by AmWiser (14927points) November 18th, 2012

It’s almost 11:30 a.m. (Eastern) and not one question has been asked in Social. What’s going on? Is everyone so caught up in the upcoming holiday they can’t find time for Fluther? Have all your questions been answered/or Fluther can’t help you anymore? Just seems strange no questions have been posted today.

Okay! What’s going on, what’s your plans for today?

Me? I’m on my way to work and won’t be home until after 8p.m.
Have a fantastic day…everyone.:->

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It’s Sunday morning. All the Fluther users must be at church! ;)

Me? I’m sick. I woke up at 7am, took cold medicine and fell back asleep. I just woke up (4 hours later). My plan is to stay in bed today until 3pm. At 3pm I’ll move to the living room to watch my Denver Broncos kick the Chargers butt. Hope you have a fantastic day @AmWiser!

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All the Jellies are hitting all the local markets to clear the shelves of Twinkies and Ho Hos.
Every knows that 10 years from now, you will be able to sell a Twinkie for $400 to any dope fiend.

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Ach. I just popped one in there. There are three now. I encountered no difficulties posting mine.

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Hey, wouldn’t this question be better in Meta? ;)

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It’s 6.20pm where I live! Maybe the European flutherites could start to post their questions while you’re sleeping so that when you wake up, you have lots of questions to answer!

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10:15 a.m. on the west coast and Coloma stayed up waaaay too late enjoying a wild and windy storm last night. She’s a’ draggin’ ( dragon ) this morning. lol

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I’m with @filmfann on this one. The only questions I’ve been following that have seen any action this weekend are Twinkie-related. If all these Twinkie fans had actually bought Twinkies regularly over the past 10 years instead of saving it up for this weekend, Hostess would be doing just fine.

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Social-schmocial; don’t you know it’s all about the General this weekend? (And his Hostesses.)

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I stayed home the majority of today and organized and put away a lot of clothes, with Classic R&B on the TV music channel. Then I went out and got myself some coffee and the NY Times, and now I am drinking the coffee from the comfort of my cozy bed, and am going to get off this computer and read the Times. I have in bed next to me a box of Drakes Coffee Cakes (bought from Walmart yesterday) and the coffee cakes are saying “get a plate and open up a pack!”

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9-hours later and I’m back home. Lets see there are about 11 questions asked in Social, this one was moved to Meta. !

@jonsblond I hope you’re feeling better, especially now that the Bronco’s really did kick butt.
@filmfann you are so right about the Hostess products flying off the shelf. Amongst all the items sold at the store I work at it seemed as if every other customer had what was left of the Hostess products on the shelf.
@glacial Ditto.
@bhec10 that could be a plan.
@Coloma glad you made it through yet another storm.
@janbb, I guess maybe I should spend more time in General…not.~
@jca, ummm! Drakes. Are they exceptionally delicious? :->

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The social section, open fo’ beesnees! Who ah you to reeseest it, eh? Cam aan, mah last paycheck bounced, MAH KIDS NEED WINE!!

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