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Where do socks go?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) November 18th, 2012

Laundry day, and I even matched my socks up before transporting them to the laundromat. Before putting them in the wash I pulled them apart and here I am dropping them off at my house with two single socks. Where did they go?
Do other people have sock gnomes?

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I dunno.

But when I find socks I like, I buy two or more pairs.

I like to think it works out to my advantage in the end.

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Did you drop them on the way? I go to a laundromat as well, and I have never lost any socks to a machine. I only drop them sometimes when I’m carrying them. Maybe you need a new bag.

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I was going to ask the same question. I was going to ask how people manage their socks. I have a washer and dryer in my house and still lose them.

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They go to the place that empty hangers go.

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My buddy @thisvelvetglove posted a question this summer about why socks disappear, but she might not have labeled it very well so I can’t find it.
Anyway, there are sock goblins, but that is not the only peril facing socks.
I was taking my recycling out yesterday and almost threw away one of my nice work socks! My recycling bin sits next to my washing machine.

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into the hozone.

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Can you blame them for escaping? You’re life is wrapped around a big smelly sweaty foot and stuffed into a smelly shoe. Would you escape if you could?

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I asked a similar question on here some years ago and got some very cogent responses. I think it pertains to the Second Law of Thermodynamics somehow – or perhaps Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. Or maybe Schrodinger’s Cat eats them. (If you want to read the answers, it is the second question on the sidebar.)

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hahah Heisenberg principal of socks??? So, if we don’t know where they are, we must know how fast they are travelling. I like that idea. So, I can ask my now 8 year old where his other sock is, and he will simply answer with something like…. 88kpm and I will know that he means he doesn’t know where it is.

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Socks are very sensitive creatures. Separated from their mates, even in a crowded container, and they become disillusioned. It is not uncommon for them to make a break for it, especially if they see they are to be put in the dryer.
They dream of going to a place where people don’t wear shoes, and enjoy their lives twirling and spinning in socks. They long to slide across hardwood floors.
And they are terrified of dogs.
Sometimes, while driving down the street, I see a random sock on the side of the road. That one didn’t make it. Few do.

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They’re just going back to their home planet.

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They disappear into thin air, and sometimes, when you are putting away the sheets and towels, they will magically appear out of thin air and fall to the floor.

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I use a laundromat, too. I always put my laundry bag in an isolated spot, where I can tell easily if something has fallen out. Once the washer is loaded, I give the floor a second glance. After transferring everything to the dryer, I give it a third glance, and sweep the bottom of the washing machine with my hand, to make sure a sock isn’t wrapped around down there. When everything comes out of the dryer, I stick my head in, and look in all directions.

You guessed it – I still have 2 sets of mismatched socks in my drawer, waiting for their proper mates to come home.

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They hop out towards the highway, trying to hitch a ride, and go on an adventure. Go little socks, discovery awaits!

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They end up in the space between the basket and the drum usually by getting past the bellows. (Boring answer I know… I’m sorry)

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When I remove a sock from the dryer, I hang it over the edge of the laundry basket until I find its mate.

Sometimes they get lost in the folds of larger laundry items, such as sheets and blankets.

I also separate and inspect the folds of any large items that might have consumed any smaller items, such as sox and handkerchiefs.

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I was going to suggest what @Brian1946 has suggested. You may also find that they sometimes make there way into pants legs or if you wash anything like a flannel robe, they may stick into your robe. You may even have dropped them in the parking lot or drive way. Sometimes they may stick on the inside of a dryer or washer in a spot where you can’t see easily enough. In which case, they may have found a new home in the next persons wash.

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If you have missing socks, chances are, it has something to do with the recent scientific findings that eating socks along with pureed bitter gourd can greatly decrease your chances of developing cancer. It’s highly possible your housekeeper or your own spouse has been taking your socks and frying them for breakfast

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I don’t know about socks, but I once heard a sci-fi theory about wire clothes hangers. (I forgot where I heard it; I think it was an article in some sci-fi mag in the late 1960’s.) According to this theory the hangers are inter-dimensional beings. Hangers are adults. They develop in stages somewhat anomalous to the developmental stages of insects. Some stages occur in this dimension, some in another dimension undetectable to humans. The egg stage occurs in the other dimension, the larval stage (paper clip) occurs in this dimension. The pupa stage occurs in the other dimension, and the adult (clothes hanger) occurs here.~

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I’m of the firm belief that mine are kidnapped by a vicious sock monster who forces them into a life of sock slavery.

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They go through the Bermuda Triangle. There are socks there, missing pilots, and other people. All with socks on.

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I think they get caught under the agitator.

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They are sucked into another dimension. LOL.

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@ShanEnri, time to clean my glasses again, I thought you said they get caught under the alligator LOL

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My favorite answer of by @ucme so far.

Loved the sci fi angle and the pseudo science as well.

Well all of them really I was laughing.

But practical answers help to.

So I was thinking about pampering my ill treated expensive stinky smart wool sock’s so they won’t run away. Any ideas?

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That happen to us recently.

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Does anyone remember this British vignette that is really old.. but all I can really recall about it is that during the film they would shoot this woman and she would be monotonously listing all these words that ended in tor I.e. Refrigerator, masturbator, aviator and so on. Reminds me of @ShanEnri‘s entry. And I got the intention of the statement after @Kardamom‘s post.

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I tried looking it up for you, using various keywords, but I can’t find anything.

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I think they are hiding here.

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@WillWorkForChocolate yeah not much to go off of. Thanks for trying anyhow.
@jonsblond maybe the air does them good

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Yes it happens to me too! I think this little critter is on standby while i empty clothes from the washer to the dryer. Then he nabs them when i turn around to get a dryer sheet. Actually, i really think i have a scary creature that lives down there and feeds off the dirty clothes and who knows what else. The ceiling is covered with cobwebs and is quite creepy. I always make sure i have my cell phone and that i’m Not wearing high heels. Lol Get it, all the chicks in the scary movies have on the high heels and trip on something before they can escape!

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I have this theory… Dryer lint is the cremated remains of all my missing socks.

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The Sock Puppet Liberation Army remove them from the Matrix.

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