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What is your favorite part of the holidays?

Asked by Brenna_o (1729points) November 18th, 2012

I love eating amazing food with family, snow, and Christmas songs? Which part do you look forward to all year?

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The food.

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Sharing joy and happiness with the family! And being with my girlfriend as well.

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Being able to see my family all gathered together in one place for a change.

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The music.

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Food, cold weather, winter clothes, and Christmas decorations.

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The multi colored lighted houses. I don’t like the new trend toward ice lights.

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Family getting together and sharing good food and laughs. This year we’re having my niece’s boyfriend and his parents join us. Me niece wanted her new guy to be with her. He didn’t want to leave his parents by themselves. We all get together, and share the meal. How nice is that?

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School Christmas programs and all the magic that surrounds Santa. Our daughter and most of her friends still believe at the age of 8. I’m cherishing every moment.

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@jonsblond Kids and Christmas are magic at that age.

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I love the overall ambiance. The music, window displays, parties, gift ideas, kids excited for Santa, decorating the house.

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A bit of time off work. Other than that, I don’t really enjoy the holidays.

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I’m always so excited when I find the perfect gift for someone.
And I like food. A lot.

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every year I watch this video. It never fails to make me feel happy. Sort of strange when you consider that it has a sad ending….

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I forgot to mention another thing I like about the holidays, having a valid excuse to watch Muppets Christmas Carol!

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