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Are Fluther questions the right place to request features?

Asked by segdeha (1707points) July 1st, 2007

I've asked for a couple of things this way, but if the Flutherees would prefer to get these some other way, I'm happy to oblige.

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I personally don't mind them. It's a good way to get the community more involved in features and refining of them. But there IS the "Contact" button at the top right for such things also. Doing both might be beneficial.

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contacting them about a feature is a good idea but i think its an even better idea if the developers get to see the responses of the community

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In general, if you just want to let us know about a bug or submit a feature request, you should contact us (With the contact form). But, if you want the community to weigh in on a feature idea and generate some discourse, then asking it is okay. So I would say use your judgment.

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