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What is the symptomology of lead poisoning?

Asked by Crashsequence2012 (2070points) November 18th, 2012

My dad returned from a business trip to China with a box of Twinkies.

I’ve eaten one package and now feel feverish, weak and achy, with a galvanic sensation in my mouth.

Should I go to the hospital?

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What’s a galvanic sensation? Is that a metalic taste?

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Oh man, I’d consider it. That metallic taste is bad news. I got CO dosed one night and had that taste. I felt like crap for days.

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I doubt it is lead poisoning. Usually, that takes a long time to reveal itself.
The twinkies cream filling may have gone bad. You may just have regular food poisoning for a few days.

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—I’m sort of LOL at “twinkies’ cream filling may have gone bad”, as if it was ever “good”.

However, @filmfann is otherwise correct. Lead poisoning is a cumulative sort of thing. The only “lead poisoning” that is liable to kill you suddenly is when the lead is in the form of a bullet traveling at high velocity. In other words, you’re not going to die from lead poisoning tonight.

However… given the adulteration of other food products from China… it may not be a bad idea to call a poison control center and talk about symptoms with them. There is a search function at the bottom of this page that can help you locate a nearby center to call. That’s something I would do. But don’t try to diagnose yourself; just tell them what you did and how you feel. If you have the original wrapper (which may contain a production date code, for example), then that might help if there’s a bad batch of Twinkies. Again, I’m trying to imagine a “good” Twinike.

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