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What is the best way to train for "combatives"?

Asked by CuriousLoner (1808points) November 18th, 2012

What kind of fitness plan would help me get stronger, but more overall sense…..

I’m wanting to train up for combatives 2 which is going to be in Dec or Jan. I realized though when I’ve been hitting the gym I don’t have a particular plan in mind.

I lift some weights, core exercises, cycle, run short or long distance depends on day. Then end with punching bag or speed bag. I figure maybe finding someone to roll or spar with would help, but don’t know anyone personally who would want to…..

I’m not in amazing shape, or out of shape I think somewhere in the middle… I guess.

Any ideas or advice?

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Join a gym that focuses on boxing or martial arts, that can train you on moves and find sparring partners.

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@zenvelo That is a good idea. I’m also looking more for like a set of exercises or plan to follow that I could do on my own rather than going out paying for a gym,specially when I have pretty much everything here for free.

I have the discipline to go do it just need some direction.

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I believe Bruce Lee wrote extensively about his muscle building routine… and that man knew his shit.

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Core first and and build endurance. Find a Dojo Martial Art school.

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If you’re looking to compete, you need sparring and mitt work

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Ah, here’s the title of the Bruce Lee book : “The Art of Expressing the Human Body”

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