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Who are the world's richest poor?

Asked by ninjacolin (14204points) November 19th, 2012

What city, country, or group treats it’s impoverished community the best?
What do they do that is unique compared to the rest of the world?
What kind of life is the impoverished community afforded as a result of the unique decisions the city/country/group has made in their favor?

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Maybe the disabled people in Sweden. My son suffered a severe stroke a few years ago, and he gets food, lodging, transportation, clothing and medical care free, including in home visits from physical rehabilitation workers.

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“This report”: compares public spending and priorities across the OECD nations. It shows that Germany devotes the biggest percent of it’s government spending to social protection. This does not mean that its per capital or total spending is the largest. Denmark and Luxembourg and other Scandinavian nations are up there, as well. The usual suspects.

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Deutschland, fick ja!

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“The typical person in the bottom 5 percent of the American income distribution is still richer than 68 percent of the world’s inhabitants.”link

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What does that mean to you, @emilianate?

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from @emilianate‘s link: One’s income thus crucially depends on citizenship, which in turn means (in a world of rather low international migration) place of birth. All people born in rich countries thus receive a location premium or a location rent; all those born in poor countries get a location penalty… It is easy to see that in such a world, most of one’s lifetime income will be determined at birth.

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