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List all the Korean Dramas you watched.

Asked by kimchi (1432points) November 19th, 2012

I watched a lot! How about you?

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Oops, never seen one. Give me a few recommendations.

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Dream High
It’s the best!

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Okay, let me check it out.

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Ur awesome.

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My all-time favorite KD is This A Homework Question? ;-p

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@kimchi Interesting. Let me look into that some more.

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My colleague down the hall tells me Korean Dramas are really good and will be the next big thing. I’ve never seen one, but given Gangnang Style and the popularity of Kpop, I wouldn’t be surprised if the dramas become very popular, too. But I haven’t watched any yet.

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Nah, it’s a social ques.

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Not seen any, I loved the old Japanese classics Monkey & The Water Margin though.

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I got really hooked into Dr. Jin, it was really well done and I was really sad when the series ended.

Prince Yi Ha-eung has got to be one of my most favorite characters in any fictional work.

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No TV shows, but I have seen and enjoyed very much Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring about a young monk who falls in love with a girl who has been sent to him and his master, to help heal her. Amazing scenery, especially because their temple, where they live, is floating on a lake.

The Way Home about a spoiled Korean boy, who goes to live with his grandmother in the rural countryside while his mother stays in the city to look for work. The boy, eventually learns about compassion and humility, and we discover the strength of a woman, who appears, at first, to be about to break from frailness. (Note: you’ll want to kill this kid in the beginning of the movie). In the end, you’ll never want to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken again.

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I have watched The Way Home. It is an amazing movie.

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If monsters can be considered dramatic characters, then I’ll post The Host. ;-)

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I know a whole bunch of Korean dramas, but I haven’t watched them. I plan to start watching “Autumn’s Concerto” soon- __I think thats Korean.__
I LOVE Taiwanese dramas though, like “Mars” and “Meteor Garden”. “Boys over Flowers” is the Korean version of “Meteor Garden.” Have you watched any of the dramas I named?

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I’ve watched Boys over Flowers.

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I can’t possibly list them all, but I liked Heirs, School 2013, My Love From the Stars. Boys over Flowers, Bel Ami, and Dream High are some of my favourites!

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