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Car trip with turkey?

Asked by Silence04 (4683points) November 20th, 2012 from iPhone

This year we are driving about 8 hours before thanksgiving and have to bring the turkey with us.

In the past, I’ve gotten the turkey frozen and put it in a sealed bucket of cold water for the car ride, so it’s almost almost thawed by the time we arrive at our destination.

This year I was given a pre-thawed turkey. It seems i would need over 20lbs of ice and a really good cooler large enough to hold everything (which I currently don’t have, nor have the trunk space for) for the cooler to stay under 40degF.

I’m very concerned about food safty here, and don’t want to risk getting anyone sick. Is there another way to keep the turkey preserved for an 8 hour trip, or should I give this pre-thawed turkey to someone local and buy a frozen turkey to be safe?

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