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What is my deal with mock pecan pie?

Asked by rosielarose (28points) November 20th, 2012

same kitchen, same equipment, same ingredients, but one cook turns out beautiful mock pecan pie and mine is a mess. Oh and same recipe. My mock pecan pie always bubbles up, making a mess. Tastes good but what can I do or not do to keep it from bubbling up(gets frothy). Kind of hard to explain.

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I’m thinking that you must be incorporating more air as you beat the eggs and sugar. In some recipes, you intentionally beat as much air as possible into an eggs/sugar mixture to create a foam structure, but in pecan pie mixtures the foam is not your friend. You want to thoroughly blend the eggs and sugar, but without fluffing it up.

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This may be a bit off topic, but what is a mock pecan pie? Pecan pie is my absolute favorite. Does it not have pecans? Mama always used a wooden spoon when she was mixing up the filling so as not to incorporate unwanted air, then the pecans float to the surface. (slobber slobber)

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It’s the same as a pecan pie just without the pecans in it. You put uncooked oats in it. I make it at a nursing care facility where I work. This way the residents there don’t have problems chewing or choking on pecans.

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@rosielarose Thank you for the explanation! I love pecan pie but oats could be a good substitute for those who have trouble with pecans. Learn something new every day!

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Also, as LuckyGuy said on another thread this week, make sure your oven temperature is correct. You should invest in an Internal Oven Thermometer as opposed to relying on the thermostat that came with your oven. Somemetimes the temp can be off by 75 degrees and since baking is more of a science, you need to get all of the parameters correct.

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