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Which gum is best for you?

Asked by kimchi (1440points) November 20th, 2012

For example, Orbit, 5 gum, Extra, etc.
Include why and what.

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Ha, funny. I’m chewing Orbit gum as I type this question!

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Juicy Fruit is awesome for 74 seconds. LOL. Seriously, I love it, but the flavor is gone fast. It’s fine for me because I have muscle trouble and I can’t chew long, but I looovveee chewing gum. Click click click. Drives my husband crazy, similar to nails on a chalkboard for him. I like doublemint also.

I also like Trident blue.

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Awesome! My fav is Orbit…. It has a lot of amazing flavors.

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I want to know of a gum that keeps its mint flavor long enough for a long time. The best one so far is Dentyne Ice. Started Trident White the other day and it doesn’t even come close. It gets really tough to chew really fast. The gum connoisseur has spoken.

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5 lasts the longest by far.

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I know this doesn’t answer your question but I am, and never have been a gum chewer. I don’t like the idea of chomping on the same thing in my mouth for more than a minute or two so gum is not for me.

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For everyday use: Orbit spearmint
As a sweet: HubbaBubba (coke flavour is my favourite)
A nostalgic childhood reminder: Lotte’s rose flavoured gum (I said that already on your “do you like kimchi” post)
When I’m in the mood for liquorice: Stimorol
Something lasting in taste: 5gum

Those are best, but I never say no to gum!

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None really. Chewing gum makes me hungry, and i get bored of chewing after 5 mins and spit it out. If i have a blocked nose i will chew a couple if airwaves for a few minutes because the strong menthol flavour helps unblock my nose.

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