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What do certain smells remind you of?

Asked by AshLeigh (15939points) November 20th, 2012 from iPhone

Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel Love in the Time of Cholera starts out with “It was inevitable: the scent of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of unrequited love…”

Think of a scent that reminds you of something and tell me about the scene that you always associate with this scent.

For example:
The clean smell of rain always reminds me of the day I skipped class with a friend of mine, and it had been raining all night.

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Hay gives me a nice nostagic feel of how my father, my grandfather and I worked together as a team when I was growing up to fill the barn with hay as we were getting ready for Winter and the same smell at night gives me a sense of peace as the cows were all fed and content on a cold Winter’s night.

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The number 27 always reminds me of the horrid smell of that strange girl that sat next to me in chorus in 7th grade. She always wore this awful perfume that made it difficult for me to breathe, it was like torture. I really don’t know why 27 reminds me of that, 9 and 3 do as well. It seems every time I multiply 9 and 3, I can smell the horrible odor for just a moment.

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The smell of paper reminds me of those little wafer things that we got at church when I was little and stuff.

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cigarettes = my mother :^(
cigars = my grandfather :^)

I know – very similar, but I loathe cigarettes and love cigars.

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When I was young, my Mom would have us all walk down to my Father’s work.
We would stand there, watching my Dad working, without telling him we were there. My Mom liked to do this because it reminded her of how hard he worked for us. He worked in a tire shop.
To this day, the smell of automobile tires brings back those images of my father at the molds.

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Menthol reminds me of chest rubs when I was small.

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The smell of wood smoke is very familiar to me, because of all the camps I’ve gone to. It’s strange when I smell it anywhere other than a camp. Last week I walked past a house that had a fire going, and the wind was blowing the smoke from the chimney right across the street. I stopped and closed my eyes and instantly I was years in the past, at a Girl Guide camp with old friends. It actually made it hard to start walking again.

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The smell of cabbage reminds me of a freshly bathed Stephen Hawking.

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The smell of Irish Spring, steamed, from a hot water shower, reminds me of my dad. He always used Irish Spring soap and it has a very distinctive smell. A few weeks after my dad died I put a bunch of the Irish Spring soap slivers he had saved on his shower chair and ran the shower, a hot water shower over it and stood outside the bathroom and just inhaled the scent. It was almost like having him back again. I only did it that once, but every once in a while I am tempted to do it again. Just to have him close to me. I will most likely do it again but not yet.

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Taco bell and salsa occasionally remind me of my rapist.

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The scent of new-mown hay reminds me of childhood summers.

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One particular book smell takes me straight back to the library we used to visit when I was a child, I love that smell, great memories.

The smell of freshly mown onion weed reminds me of childhood, my father mowing the lawn, a good feeling, a very good feeling.

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