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Is there somewhere online I can sit the Myers Briggs test?

Asked by Adagio (12789points) November 20th, 2012

I did the test years and years ago but the result, I S FJ, does not seem to fit me comfortably anymore and I would love to do the test again and see if things have changed.

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If you google it there seem to be plenty of sites.

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Funny @Adagio I was just doing Myers Briggs stuff on my Facebook page. Here’s a free one that’s fast & accurate.

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@SpatzieLover Thanks very much, interestingly I just did the test and came up with exactly the same result… Must admit I’m disappointed, when I read the ISFJ profile it sounds so safe, so boring, not the way I feel at all…

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haha I just took it and think it doesn’t match me either, @Adagio

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@trailsillustrated I changed my avatar in rebellion.

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I’m always an INFJ every time I take it. ISFJ doesn’t sound boring to me at all. Sounds like you’re a goal driven & loyal type.

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@Adagio You might also find the Enneagram testing and comparisons enlightening.
Yes, P vs. J is the difference between order and chaos. lolol
Google Enneagram testing. :-)

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You shouldn’t worry to much about the results of that test anyway, given that it has virtually no scientific foundation and validity.

If you like the results and they make you feel good… go with them, else… forget about them.


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@whitenoise If you take a test like this and find you’re self worried about the results, there is only one reason. You already know the answer to the question.

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The true problem with these tests is not what you yourself think about them, but the use, or rather abuse, of these tests by companies.
Myers-Briggs is quackery on the same scientific level as a Chinese Horoscope.

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I took that test now, wow, so accurate!

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Wow. I took @kitszu‘s test. Ended up with INTJ.

Apparently that’s pretty rare.

They are often acutely aware of their own knowledge and abilities—as well as their limitations and what they don’t know [...] INTJs seem cold, reserved, and unresponsive, while in fact they are almost hypersensitive to signals of rejection from those they care for. In social situations, INTJs may also be unresponsive and may neglect small rituals designed to put others at ease

Seems legit.

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Dear @kitszu – I checked and that site offers a free test indeed.
Takes about 15 minutes, but I am not sure it is identical to Myers Briggs. They say it is a Jung personality test based on the work of Myers Briggs.

Took that test and apparently I am an ENFP:

ENFPs are both “idea”-people and “people”-people, who see everyone and everything as part of a cosmic whole. They want to both help and to be liked and admired by other people, on both an individual and a humanitarian level. This is rarely a problem for the ENFP, as they are outgoing and warm, and genuinely like people. Some ENFPs have a great deal of zany charm, which can ingratiate them to more stodgy types in spite of their unconventionality.

Who would have thought. :-)

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While there are tests online, the Myers-Briggs psychological test is restricted to use by certified professionals. Perhaps there are nuances to your personality that are not reflected by your online results. You may be interested in a professional interpretation.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Yes, it is!
No wonder I like you so much!
NP and NTP types are my favorite, we’re a zany bunch. haha
Female ENTPs are rare too with the general population around 3–4% with females being 1% of that. :-)

@whitenoise ENFP is very similar to us ENTPs minus the T/F difference. Both are non-conformist types that have lots of enthusiasm and life loving gusto. :-)

@Cupcake I have done both and have always, consistently, come up with the same results. I think there are some accurate tests available online.

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@Coloma I have a friend who is certified in administering the tests and she and I have discussed the nuances of interpretation (not for everyone… as some people, like you, are clearly in one certain group). Clearly you are not in the middle on any of the metrics. If you are, or if you feel that your results are not accurate, then you would likely benefit from professional interpretation.

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@Cupcake Agreed. Some traits are so dominant it is much easier to get an accurate profile.

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@whitenoise I’m not entirely sure they are either. I turned out to be IFSJ.

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@Coloma I did the Enneagram test and came up with a profile not unlike the Myers Briggs result, I can only conclude the way I see myself reflects more the way I’d like to be, that is particularly hard to admit actually, perhaps this delusion is common to most people…? I liked the way the Enneagram test offered a midway answer between Yes and No, I did find that somewhat frustrating with Myers Briggs because Yes and No is so black and white when often the answer you want to choose is grey.

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