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Why is My Friend So Mad At Me?

Asked by zicron (117points) November 20th, 2012

My freind & I were on an online game that we like. I had given her a video game & she said for it I could have something off of that game (rare angel wings). I tried to get them later in the game and she said no. I told her she would have to give the game back, she said no again. I told her that she was breaking her promise and she un-friended me. Everywhere i went to see her she would avoid me. I made a new profile and said it was me and how sorry I was. I then got back on my original profile and she was telling people that I lied to her face. Why is she doing that, and is there a way I could get her to talk to me? I can’t call her because she does not have a phone.

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Is this all that happened? We don’t really have enough information to help here.

One possibility is that your friend is not a nice person.

Another possibility is that there was a misunderstanding about the angel wings.

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Make sure I understand all this right. You gave her a video game and the deal was that if you gave her the video game, she would give you the rare angel wings?

But she never did? And kept the video game?

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@zicron Was the deal you made with your friend done up front? Or, you gave her the game and she wanted to do something for you, but then did not fulfill what she promised in the end? If originally you were giving her a gift, then whether she gives you the wings or not she should get to keep tye gift. If you guys were trading things from the very beginning then you should not care if she is upset with you, because she is wrong, she did not give you what she promised.

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She doesn’t sound like a nice person, learn the moral of the experience, never give games and expect angel wings. People are flimsy with promises.

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