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Which is better for the environment overall: reusable coffee filters or paper coffee filters?

Asked by bpeoples (2551points) June 6th, 2008

A running debate in my office is the reusable mesh filters (that you have to wash out daily in the sink) or the paper coffee filters that you just throw out each time?

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I have read, and I will look for the link, that unbleached single coffee filters are better than either white throw away or gold re-usable.

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there is tremendous water required to make paper…and not all papers are equal. I would think that the resuable filter would be more environmentally efficient.

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If I may, this seems like a perfect question for Mr. Green – Sierra Magazine’s advice columnist…you can email him through his blog at

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It’s so annoying to wake up at 6am and have to wash a filter. I’ve just started using unbleached paper. I dont know about the effects though.

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I am curious what Mr. Green has to say. It probably depends on how frequently you make coffee and what type of filters you buy. I have read that paper filters are one of the primary ways we are exposured to organochlorine (I believe that is the bleaching chemical) – which can increase your risk of cancer. If you do use paper try an unbleached version –

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