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Ladies with ovarian cysts!

Asked by jessicazac (1points) November 20th, 2012

some questions…I am trying to do research on what may cause these horrible nuances..I AM CURRENTLY CONDUCTING RESEARCH..

Do you drink out of water bottles or tap water?
did you ever take birth control?
if you have taken birth control how soon after did you develop a ovarian cyst?
where do you live?
do you eat a lot of meat?
where do you buy your meat from?
(personal) do you swallow your husbands/boyfriends sperm?
Does anyone in your family have ovarian cysts or cancer?
what kind of cyst did you have?
and lastly do you exercise regularly ?

thnks so much -jessica

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I drink both kinds of water.
I have previously taken birth control.
I don’t remember.
Quite a bit of meat.
Either the grocery store or a local Mexican meat market.
Sometimes I do.
The painful kind, all the time.
Not regularly, more like in spurts.

My ovarian problems are due to endometriosis. I know that’s not the case for every woman, though.

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Don’t know.
West Virginia. Previously Maryland.
A fair amount.
Grocery store.
The recurring kind. I’ve had (and have) several, and don’t really know what kind they are.

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