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What should I do to calm down?

Asked by Rickover (110points) November 21st, 2012

Simply put , I won some math contest and a teacher of mine told me to appear in his tv show ,on a local tv channel. He told me it is not just about my successes , but also talking about random stuff. It is tomorrow , but I am already nervous just by thinking at it. What can I do?

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Take three very deep slow breaths when you start to feel really anxious. It really helps since anxiety is physiological as well as psychological. Also, write out or take some notes on what you plan to say so that you have something written to refer to if you start to freeze up. Good luck!

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When I do public speaking and I find myself getting nervous and “panicky” I always notice that it’s because I’m not taking deep relaxing breaths. Remember to do that, and above all, be yourself, and you’ll be fine. Congratulations!

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Breathe deeply into your belly and let it out slowly. Repeat.

Think about the worst questions you could possibly be asked and prepare answers for them. You will feel better.

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Exercise and shower right before the event.

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The last time I was on a radio show, the woman asked me to give her the questions I wanted her to ask me.

Perhaps ask your teacher for the questions and topics ahead of time so that you can prepare. There is no reason you should have to wing it. Most interviewers do some pre-show prep.

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@Rickover – What precisely are you nervous about? I know it’s last minute, but I’d echo what some other people have said; anytime I’ve ever had to do something like this, I’d definitely go for a walk/run/pushups, etc. It will help get some of the jitters in check, and the endorphins will help “balance” you out.
Is it live, or taped? (If it’s taped, maybe you can ask him to edit out parts where you seem very anxious?) If it’s live, just enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.
@Luiveton – I’d advise against getting high; in my experience, smoking pot and then having to field questions about my life experiences would be horrifying. I would suggest maybe half a xanax or something like that if you can tolerate it. If you have tremors/shakes, you may want to see if you can get a beta-blocker, but definitely consult with a doctor!
Anyway, good night’s rest, exercise, breathing… You’ll do fine!

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@Luiveton I think that would for sure work for some people, but you’ve got to know the way weed treats you first. I love weed and smoke every day but if I smoke right before work (I waitress) I can NOT communicate clearly with customers and it is dumb and embarassing. Some people, on the other hand, are at their calmest and most collected when they’re super high. So, maybe!

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If its television you will rehearse, I assume its too late to contact your teacher for clarity on the topics And shame on him for leaving you unprepared unless he is too.

First off you must relax, public speaking can be fluent and natural for even the most timid of introverts if remain calm, before the show tomorrow I’d like you to take deep breaths, find your equilibrium in the studio and practice your oration on others, sometimes it helps if you practice your levels and exercise your confidence beforehand.

Once you’ve relaxed you need to focus on the task at hand, this is when it becomes second nature. If you pay attention to the discussion topics and participants then the cameras and audience phase out. React and answer how you would if asked in a classroom or personal setting, you can either portray yourself as generic or have a little fun and obtain your “15 minutes”

Lastly, as a pure exercise basis imagine the worst that can happen, you’re incoherent, sweating, say the wrong lines, need a moment to gain composure, so what? It’s local television, the people who laugh will forget 2 weeks from now and the academic audience will understand.

Confidence is the key and proper focus, everything else is easy once the conversation begins

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I neglected to mention since you’re invited based on the competition (congratulations by the way) you might opt for some mental exercise, I imagine the topics won’t be too deep, for instance you won’t be asked your theory on the Navier stokes equation but you may be asked your formula for winning. Prepare a little mentally just in case and the rest should be easy, you’re out of there in no more than an hour

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I would actually say it’s probably better that you can’t rehearse… rehearsed answers to questions might make you sound more nervous, and if you forget one little thing that you meant to say, it can make you feel like you screwed the whole thing up.

Just be yourself, answer the questions you’re asked, and try to have some fun with it. If thinking about an audience watching is making you nervous, then forget about them – just focus on your teacher (or whoever is interviewing you) and the questions. Pretend it’s a conversation, because… it is. And remember that you did an awesome job in winning that contest! This is supposed to be part of your prize, not a punishment. Enjoy it! :D

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Screw it, go do it, just go with the flow. Saying no only ends the opportunity. Saying yes opens the door to experience. Be the yes man.

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By the way, aside from the above suggestions- think about one or two things you want to talk about or share with this particular audience, and then look for places to segue into them. I use this a lot in scholarship / job / media interviews. That way, you’re also directing the conversation flow instead of passively responding :)

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@Rickover Be sure to come back and let us know how it went. :)

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