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Infected iOS?

Asked by Crashsequence2012 (2070points) November 21st, 2012

I have an iPhone 4

Since installing iOS6 I’ve had problems like slow performance, frozen and crashing apps and a bizarre problem with the mic picking up environmental noise when the earbuds are used as a phone handsfree.

Voice Actions (From the developers of SIRI) is acting so weird it’s useless.

I use Perfect Browser (video out capable, rock!) to Internet a lot in case that’s how I picked up something.

The earbuds have been replaced.

I reboot often.

I’ve reset.

I’ve restored twice and warranteed the phone twice.

iOS 6.0.1 did not fix my problems.

Can iPhones even get a virus or another form of malicious code? Can the infection come back in a backed up app or file?

Before I call Apple again I’d like to get some real world perspective. Thank you in advance.

Suggestions to go with another make of device will be met with an eyeroll and bemused sigh.

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I’ve had the same problem with laggy applications and a weird thing happens when I get a notification. I hear the sound of the notification, then the display turns bright, and only 5 seconds later the warning for the notification shows up.

Also apps crashing, Maps are terrible, and other problems like yours.

I don’t think iPhone can get viruses, I just think it’s Apple having a rough time. That’s why they fired Scott Forstall, the former senior vice president for iOS… He completely messed it up!

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iOS is a derivative of BSD, thus very difficult to infect in the conventional sense (barring self-infection via trojan), so I doubt anything like a virus. Odds are that it was rushed out the door before fully bug-testing the new features; in other words, Apple dropped the ball.

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Unless your phone is jailbroken, it’s practically impossible to pick up a virus since Apple (unlike Android) screens the apps allowed in the Appstore very carefully.

As mentioned, most likely Apple goofed.

But if you jailbroke it and downloaded unauthorized apps, all bets are off :)

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