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Should I be concerned about this?

Asked by cheebdragon (17391points) November 21st, 2012

There is a security guard for the shopping center where my son has karate class 4x a week. He drives around the parking lot in a golf cart and every time I see him he has his hand up in front of his face. At first I ignored it, thinking maybe it was just to block headlights or something, but I’ve noticed him doing it when there aren’t any cars around. My son has been taking karate for at least 3–4 months and I’m not exaggerating when I say that I have never seen this guard without his hand up blocking his face, and i see him almost every night. Am I being paranoid? Or does his behavior seem strange?

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Light sensitivity perhaps? Disfigured face? Who knows?

Maybe ask the folks at the dojo about it; “So, ah, what’s up with the rent-a-cop on the golf cart? He shy or on the run from the law?”

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If it does bother you – and yes even I find it strange – I would be asking a manager or some other member of staff in that shopping center if they know what the deal is with that guy. That is some creepy stuff, man.

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Maybe he is someone from our past and he doesn’t want to be recognized.

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No biggie.

He probably told his boss that he knows the center like the back of his hand, so now he’s studying just in case he gets a pop quiz. ;-)

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I’d find that really odd, and would suspect he doesn’t want you to see his face. Could it be someone you know? Is there any way to find out his name?

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@zenvelo I considered that at one point, but when I mentioned it to my mom because she occasionally takes my son to his class, she said that she had noticed him doing it also.

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I guess if he knows you, he might know your mom, too. But maybe he’s disfigured, or possibly bat-shit insane…

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From what you’ve seen, is he always in the golf cart and is it always the same hand?

This is probably unlikely, but I’m wondering if he has a physical condition that prevents him from changing the position of his hand or his arm.

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Maybe he is talking to another guard. If he is driving all the time, he may have his walkie talkie in his sleeve to keep his hands free, so he can drive.

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Maybe his hand is frozen in time up there, in some sort of permanent karate chop, kung-fu type thingy.

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It’s not always the same hand, and I have seen him get out of the golf cart to pick something up. He usually has a hat or a hood on and almost always wears sunglasses (at night). To be fair, I’ve never seen him talk to anyone or do anything else weird, I doubt I would have even given him a second thought if he didn’t always cover his face. Maybe it’s the hood/sunglasses/hand combination that is setting off red flags in my mind….?

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This behaviour seems strange to me; I’d probably be asking myself the same questions. As suggested above, maybe ask the manager of the shopping centre. Sometimes the people who get hired for these kinds of jobs are quirky. He’s probably harmless, and asking might set your mind at ease.

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His behavior does seem strange & I would definitely try to identify this man. It would not be the first time that someone with something to hide was able to manipulate the back-ground check in order to get a position such as this.

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Where I work we’ve had some very peculiar security guards over the years, especially the ones that work after hours. It’s not a job that attracts the most qualified people. It is poorly paid, has bad hours, and doesn’t require much beyond following directions. A security guards main direction is to respond by calling the cops or the fire department.

That being said, he may have some phobia about being seen by people.

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I spoke with his karate instructor tonight and he told me that he has noticed the security guards behavior also. He said he tried to talk to him a few times to figure out what his deal was, but the guard won’t speak to him. He thinks the guy is very creepy and doesn’t have a good feeling about him, but he can’t do anything about it because he isn’t the guards employer and being creepy isn’t exactly enough of a reason to get the guy fired. He just told me to be careful and to let him know if the guard does anything inappropriate.

I feel better knowing that I’m not the only one aware of this guy though.

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